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All Saints' Day: "Hey! Zeus!!", #4

All Saints' Day: "Hey! Zeus!!", #4

Автор Janette Davies

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All Saints' Day: "Hey! Zeus!!", #4

Автор Janette Davies

28 страниц
23 минуты
3 мая 2016 г.


The last book of three short stories from "Hey! Zeus!!" Short blasts of quirky fiction by Janette Davies.


Louise and I are twins. Ever since we were five, we wanted to go into the Police Force. I was going into CID and Louise into Uniform.


The first day of November is All Saints' Day. In Spain, it is also known as The Day of the Dead.

On this day, people will travel great distances, in order to visit the cemeteries where their dearly beloved's remains lie. They bring flowers to decorate the graves in the burial grounds and put garlands around the trees.

The families meet to celebrate the lives of their dearly departed and enjoy picnics on the grass, laying extra places for the ones who have passed over.


`You'll never believe what happened in my dad's pub last night.´

`Probably not,' said Mr. Singh.

`Do tell us, please, Forrest,´ said Mrs. Singh and winked at her husband.

Forrest Brown's  tale of the unlikely happenings in his Dad's pub, late one December night.

3 мая 2016 г.

Об авторе

Janette Davies (1950-2019) was a social and medical anthropologist at the International Gender Studies Centre, Lady Margaret Hall, University of Oxford. Formerly a nurse/midwife she worked in international development in Bolivia, on the Thai/Cambodian border and Bangladesh. She conducted anthropological fieldwork in the UK, Zambia, Tanzania and Georgia.

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All Saints' Day - Janette Davies

Welcome to All Saints Day

The final set of three stories from Hey! Zeus!!, by author Janette Davies.

If you’re a fan of funny short stories, you’ll love these three humorous blasts of fiction looking at family life in a quirky, conversational style.

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Louise and I are twins.

Ever since we were five we wanted to join the Police Force. I was going into CID and Louise into Uniform. Mum and Dad humoured us when we were young because it worked in their favour and made for an easy life.

We learnt to swim and did lifesaving because it would be necessary when we joined the police. Mum got us to eat all the right foods because we had to be healthy when we joined.

Of course, we were always good at sport - you had to be fit! We never complained once about doing our homework; we swotted like crazy for exams and it paid off. We were accepted - we were in.

After a couple of years I got into CID. Louise loved being ordinary and it came as no surprise when she was made up to Sergeant.

We had our own friends, of course, but we were still best mates. We shared a flat in town which worked very well. With shifts and days off etc, sometimes we did not see each other for a week, but we always made time to have a meal at least once a month with Mum. Dad had passed on and Mum was never the clingy type who made us feel guilty if we hadn’t phoned. She just wanted us to enjoy our lives in our own way.

It was the beginning of October, and Sergeant Dave Smith, my immediate superior, stopped me one night and said a new person was starting the following morning.

He was

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