How to Experience a Good Quality of Social Life, Despite Migraine Attacks

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How to Experience a Good Quality of Social Life, Despite Migraine Attacks

Автор: Irene S. Roth

Длина: 34 стр.21 мин


When an individual develops the propensity towards migraine attacks, the realms which get the most impacted are the physical, social and psychological. As already mentioned in my previous e-books in this series, once we figure out how to accept our migraine pain and its predictability with compassion and not always fight it, we will be able to better cope in the physical and social realms as well. The key is being proactive.

An important part of enjoying a good and vibrant social life, is accepting that your life will be different from now on. But this doesn’t mean that your migraine pain and the unpredictability of the attacks should define who you are and ruin the quality of your social life. In fact, by compassionately accepting your pain and disability, you will be taking bold steps to develop new ways of socializing that are even more freeing and grace-filled. You can do this by developing positive mindsets and outlooks on your life as it is right now and take continuous steps to enjoy your life a bit more every day by taking a few proactive steps. But what is more, you can also experience peace of mind and a good quality of social life with a bit of effort and perseverance.

In this e-book, I focus on your social relationships and dealings with others. I believe it is very important not to give up on your social life just because you experience persistent migraines. Instead, you should accept that some of your friends may not stick around once they discover that your energy levels are different than they were a few years ago. This could mean missed engagements and times when you can’t join in the fun as you used to. But this need not be seen negatively. The good news is that you may get an opportunity to develop even deeper relationships during this season in your life because you have slowed down and have new interests. And who needs friends who don’t support you when you need them the most anyways. So this could be a time of renewal and rebirth in your social life if you look at this season in your life more hopefully.