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Marketing Automation for Authors

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Marketing Automation for Authors

Длина: 75 стр.32 мин


Have you written a story? Have you written lots of books? Are you thinking about writing a novel?

Yes? Then you’re probably struggling with one critical decision: how do you balance your time between marketing and writing?

When you start learning all the ways you can market your novel, it can be overwhelming. There’s so much to do and so many platforms that you “have” to be on. If you do it all you won’t have time to write your next story.

This book will help you figure out how to systematize and automate your own marketing strategy. When you use automation intelligently, you still sound like a yourself but you don’t have to share the same announcement manually on every platform. You don’t have to email everyone you know one at a time. You don’t need to know which of your email subscribers like your random stories about your cats and which only want new release updates because your automated system figures that out for you.

Everyone wins: you get more time to write and you can have a broader presence online and your readers win because they can find you wherever they are and they learn about only those things that interest them.

This book won’t give you a magic boost in sales. It isn’t an easy button. You’ll need to map out your system and take the time to connect the pieces. But once you’ve got your system set up, you will have more time to write and you can focus the time you have for marketing on creating new posts and maintaining your system.

Are you ready to get started?