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The Saga of Cimba

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The Saga of Cimba

Автор: Richard Maury

Длина: 218 стр.4 ч


First published in 1939, this book is a vivid account of Richard Maury’s voyage from New York to Fiji in the small, 35-foot, Nova Scotia-built schooner Cimba. When a 23-year-old Maury and a likeminded sailor filled with wanderlust set off into the winter North Atlantic on November 30, 1933, it proved to be an expedition of high adventure, and one embarked upon at a time when such voyages were practically unheard of. The reader is taken on a fascinating journey to Bermuda and, from there, to Grand Turk, Jamaica, Panama and through the Canal, with the two young sailors finding their every dream come true at Galapagos, Marquesas, Tahiti, Samoa—culminating in a gripping finale at Fiji…

“If I were asked to pick the best book in recent years about deep water cruising in a small yacht, I would unhesitatingly choose The Saga of Cimba by Richard Maury.

“Maury went to sea because he loved being at sea and ports to him were interruptions rather than objectives. The story of his cruise is the story of the struggles and triumphs of his diminutive schooner in breasting thousands of miles of deep water. It is the sailing of the schooner that engrossed him. The yarn is the story of a boat rather than the story of her skipper. One can go on to the book’s last enthralling page and be left speculating on what sort of a man this Maury is. He never tells you. You have to sense it from his attitude toward his little vessel. But you are left in no doubt about Cimba herself. You know what manner of ship she is. You know every inch of her by the time you have seen her to the Fijis.”—Rudder Magazine“Told with such beauty that it will win the admiration not only of those who sail but of the whole reading public”—New York World Telegram.

“One of the finest sea yarns of all times”—Rudder.

“Bound to be the classic of this type”—Boston Transcript.

“Reality he most exciting small boat yarn I have read”—FELIX REISENBERG.