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The Invisible Assistant

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The Invisible Assistant

Автор: John Gaspard

Рейтинг: 3 из 53/5 (1 оценка)
Длина: 32 стр.30 мин


There's No Question It Was Murder. But Who Killed Who? What begins as a typical corporate event for magician Eli Marks turns into a twisted mystery when he is called to the site of a recent murder/suicide.

Confronted by the details of the grisly crime scene, Eli must sort through the post-mortem clues—and the bickering of the officials as well as a poorly-timed allergy attack—to determine just who murdered who.

Drawing on his knowledge of magic and misdirection, Eli realizes that only one entity could have pulled off a crime of this cunning magnitude: An Invisible Assistant.

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THE INVISIBLE ASSISTANT by John Gaspard - A Henery Press Mystery Short Story