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Man Of The World

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Man Of The World

Автор: Robert Gibson

Длина: 654 стр.10 ч


Why Are There Women In Universe 6?
It’s a simpler, more basic universe than ours. Less evolution, fewer people, rarer energy.
Where people are born from rock – although love (the ‘Great Complication’) prefigures our Universe 7.
Man Of The World
Bored aristocrat Midax Rale, on a quest for purpose in his life, is rejected as unserious by the Institute – the historic guardian against what theory predicts will be mankind’s greatest peril.
However, on his way home that evening, Midax makes the discovery of the age. The peril is no longer theoretical: the dread Winter of Simplicity, when all complexity will devolve, is close at hand.
Now those who turned him down will have to think again...
To save humanity, light and complexity must be concentrated, and Universe 7 prefigured more intensely; but no one, least of all Midax, has any hope of solving the mystery of women...
Man Of The World:
A tale of love and destiny in the cosmos prior to our own.
A cosmos where worlds are spherical hollows in Universal Matter.
Yet, a harbinger of life on Earth.
“The bad news is, that we are surrounded by emptiness. The good news is, that emptiness is full. Man of the World conveys an echo of the lonely soldier’s triumph in Buzzati’s Il Deserto dei Tartari.” - Sarah Luddington ~ The Knights Of Camelot.