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How To Draw Manga For Beginners

How To Draw Manga For Beginners

Автором HowExpert

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How To Draw Manga For Beginners

Автором HowExpert

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328 pages
46 minutes
Oct 27, 2016


This book is a step-by-step guide on how to draw manga quickly and easy. If you want to learn the easiest and simplest way, you found the right place.
Now you can become a better manga artist by getting this step-by-step guide. In this book you will discover how to draw all types of manga and what procedures to use.

• You don’t need to take expensive art classes in order to draw manga the right way.
• Astound your friends, relatives, and loved ones with your new manga drawing techniques.
• If you seek knowledge and history of manga, then this book is right for you.
• You can be the center of attention with your newfound talent.
• Draw manga for parties, events, and special occasions. Get compliments and respect with this very unique talent.
• A right guide for you to progress and advance as an animator.
• Share your art to your friends, relatives, and your loved ones and make them feel cherished.
• If you enjoy art, pursue it and use this guide towards your success.
• You can even progress your skills and drawing by reading this.
• Relieve yourself from every day stress by drawing any type of manga, any time and at any place.
• Get inspired on manga drawing that made by Japanese Artist.
• Plus learn how to draw manga in digital way.

Each chapter is structured into different sections on every aspect of drawing all kinds of manga drawings. We’ve included many step-by-step action plans as well as many types of illustrations. In short, everything you need to know about drawing manga is inside this guide. Now let this book “How to Draw Manga” helps you start drawing manga better and faster starting today!

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Oct 27, 2016

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HowExpert publishes quick 'how to' guides on all topics from A to Z by everyday experts.

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How To Draw Manga For Beginners - HowExpert

How To Draw Manga For Beginners

Your Step-By-Step Guide To Drawing Manga For Beginners

By HowExpert Press & Mark David Mariano

Copyright 2016 http://www.HowExpert.com

Smashwords Edition


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This ebook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. This ebook may not be re-sold or given away to other people. If you would like to share this book with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each recipient. If you’re reading this book and did not purchase it, or it was not purchased for your use only, then please return to your favorite ebook retailer and purchase your own copy. Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author.


Table of Contents


Chapter 1 Manga Drawing Basic and Fundamental

Chapter 2 Start with the Head

Chapter 3 Manga Body And Its Parts

Chapter 4: Fill it with Colors

Chapter 5 Draw with Different Manga Poses


About The Expert

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Most various artistic creations are made from different styles and procedures. Different styles of art include paintings, caricatures, clay arts, animations, comical arts, and even landscaping arts. We’re looking at the world of animation and comical arts. Both of these creative arts are fascinating and interesting among children, teenagers, and adults. In animation, there are two different styles. One is anime with a manga style of drawing and the other one is known as the Western style, which perhaps called cartoons.

In comical arts, manga style and Western style are also applied. Manga style originates in Japan and came from a scroll way back in 12th century, while the Western style appeared in 19th century in newspapers in America.

Let’s get into our main goal: the manga. Nowadays, mangas are one of the most patronized comics in the world among children and even adults, because of their wide range of content; the stories are often fantasy, magical, and practical.

Brief History of Manga

The word ‘manga’ itself was popularized by the famous woodblock print artist Hokusai, but contrary to a popular myth, it was not invented by him. A millennium before Hokusai applied the term to a collection of his less serious works, there were cartoonish drawings found in Japan; whether or not pictures drawn in such a style constitute manga is a tricky question. These scrolls look and work like modern manga or comics in many ways, but there is a crucial difference: modern-day mangas are produced for mass consumption while the picture scrolls were singular works of art produced for an elite audience.

It was in late eighteenth-century Japan when a growing middle class of urban merchants had developed a vivacious consumer culture, and a manga-like medium produced for popular consumption first appeared. Printed in book form using woodblock technology, kibyôshi (yellow covers) were storybooks for adults in which narration and dialogue were placed in and around ink-brush illustrations, often in creative ways that consciously blurred the distinction between text and picture. (Multi-volume kibyôshi were known as gôkan.) Like modern-day manga, they dealt with a variety of subjects, including humor, drama, fantasy, and even pornography. By the mid-nineteenth century, both kibyôshi and gôkan had disappeared, the victims of both government censorship and the convenience and speed of moveable-type technology. Although there are certain resemblances to manga, kibyôshi are not the direct ancestors of modern manga. The ancestor of the modern manga, believe it or not, is the European/American-style political cartoon of the latter 19th Century and the multi-panel comic strips that flowered in American newspapers in the last years of the 19th century and the first years of the 20th century.

Perhaps one of the most significant factors in the creation of the modern manga industry was the work of one artist in Japan, the late Osamu Tezuka, known in Japan as the God of manga. Tezuka's most popular creation, The Mighty Atom, is known throughout the world; an animated version was broadcast in the U.S. in the 1960's under the name Astro Boy. In his autobiography, Tezuka described what made his manga different from those that came before him.

Types Of Manga

Doujinshi: This type of manga translates as fan-work (literally same-person-writing). Doujinshi is unofficial manga made and produced by fans of an original series or a self-published manga; a fan-made version of manga.

Gekiga: Gekiga means dramatic pictures. This type of manga is more experimental or literary.

Hentai: This manga is sexually hardcore manga. Hentai is a Japanese term for perverted or perversion. I must say, this manga should not be read nor watch by kids. Kids are not allowed to view this content.

Josei: Josei is manga aimed at adult women. It is derived from the English Lady Comic.

Seinen: Seinen (literally adult) is the exact same thing as Josei except for males. This manga contains adult content.

Shōujo(少女): Shōujo (literally young girl, also seen as shojo) means virgin and is manga aimed at young females up to the age 18. These series tend to focus on romance and relationships from a young female's point of view. I recommend this to a person who loves romances.

Shōnen: This is almost the same as shojo except it is mostly action, sports, or romantic comedy for males up to age 18. It translates literally as boy. During my teenage years, and even Now I loved to read and watch this kind of manga.

Kodomo: This kind of manga is for little children just learning to read. Kodomo

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