Love Drugs & Hip Hop: Season 2 (Book 2)

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Love Drugs & Hip Hop: Season 2 (Book 2)

Автор: Aaron Bebo

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Длина: 334 стр.7 ч


Last season you saw a lot of dreams accomplished, and some shattered. But that's life under the big tent of entertainment. 

This season picks up right where last season left off. With action packed adventure. 

A few new additions to the cast will spice things up! As Annie O, and Trey try to keep the torch lit, while carrying it. 

Love, Drugs and Betrayal are all in the cards. Once the hands are dealt, it will be every man for themselves. 

The plot definitely thickens when you add a drug pushing killer. From the home of the coffin Brooklyn USA. Who just happens to rap to the mix. 

A hungry Philadelphia battle rapper. Hungry enough to chew anybody to get in the industry!

No story of money would be complete without a story of extortion. Lenny Bones is the arm and hammer of the shake down.

The industry is forever changing. But three things remain the same; Love Drugs & Hip Hop.