Living through Crises Leader's Guide

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Living through Crises Leader's Guide

Автор: Dale Taliaferro

Длина: 154 стр.2 ч


To help small groups leaders guide the discussion on the book Living through Crises this Leader's guide has been developed. It contains over two hundred questions with their answers to make sure each person understands how to apply the principles and the concepts discussed in the book to his or her own life. There are indicators on the questions to alert the leader which questions the group should have already answered using their own Study Guide. The rest of the questions are also prioritized so the leader knows which ones are the most important and which ones should help his group the most. This guide has been praised by professional Christian counselors for its insight and Biblical wisdom. If the questions given in the Study Guide are answered by each member of the group, and the leader compares the answers that are given to those given in the Leader's Guide on the same questions, each person will have to come face to face with his trial and the debilitating emotions that are being occasioned by it. The book, accompanied by the Study Guide which each person in the group should have and fill out and the Leader's Guide which equipped the facilitator to be confident about the answers the author is seeking from each member and the follow up questions to extend and deepen the discussion and make the desired applications readily apparent. It will also be helpful if the leader/facilitator has the printed books since the page numbers listed in them will be different from the ebook formats.