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Warren Buffett: 48 Empowering Lessons from Warren Buffet for Life Changing Success in Investing, Business and Life

Warren Buffett: 48 Empowering Lessons from Warren Buffet for Life Changing Success in Investing, Business and Life

Автором Anthony Clark

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Warren Buffett: 48 Empowering Lessons from Warren Buffet for Life Changing Success in Investing, Business and Life

Автором Anthony Clark

4/5 (5 оценки)
93 pages
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Feb 18, 2017


48 Empowering Lessons of Warren Buffet for Life Changing Result and Success in Investing, Business and Life

Warren Buffet is one of the most successful people ever to walk the Earth. His entrepreneurial instincts and practices have amassed a multi-billion dollar fortune, while his personality and philanthropic efforts have earned him a reputation for humility and generosity that belies his ultra-wealthy status. In this book, we look at 32 inspiring lessons we can learn from the words and actions of Warren Buffett, and how you can apply them to your own journey towards fulfilling your ambitions.
These lessons will include:

Lessons on being successful
Lessons on Personal Finances
Lessons for Success in Business
Lessons on Philanthropy
Lessons on Integrity
Perfect Imperfections
If you dream of one day emulating the success story that is Warren Buffett, then this book is the perfect place for you to start.

Feb 18, 2017

Об авторе

Anthony Clark writes stories for children, along with fiction for adults in the sci-fi and Western genres. Clark, who formerly worked as a radio disc jockey, performs as a professional storyteller and children’s musician. Songs from his Parents’ Choice Award-winning CD Coughin’ In Your Coffin – Sing-along Songs for a Smoke-free Planet have aired on radio stations in over 30 states and in several foreign countries. In addition to writing and performing, Clark is certified to lead writing workshops using the Amherst Writers & Artists’ method. He lives with his wife in St. Charles, Missouri.  You can find him online at www.thesingingstoryteller.com.

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  • Time management is a simple process. Learn to say no when you need to. Keep your time available for doing the activities that you need to do in order to become a master at your craft.

  • If you reach a stage where you expand to involve others in your pursuit of success, you must identify the exact people you need and do all you can to get them on board. Anything less than the perfect candidate is more likely to restrict your success.

  • Once you’ve learned lots of information on the things that are most important to you, start applying what you’ve learned to your life through action. Without action, all the learning that you do isn’t worth anything, so this is a critical step.

  • Making a few mistakes clearly doesn’t mean we have ended our chances of achieving our goals. Accept your faults, and your errors, and move forward in whatever way is necessary for you to get where you want to be!

  • The sooner you get started, the sooner you can get those failures out of the way and learn what’s needed to succeed! If you’re not failing, then you’re not learning; why be more afraid of failure than of regret.

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Warren Buffett - Anthony Clark



Warren Buffett is the 84-year-old entrepreneur who founded the diverse acquisitions and investment company Berkshire Hathaway. By age 15, he had created and sold a pinball machine business that rented the machines to other local businesses. By age of 17, he acquired a 40-acre farm. By the time he started college, he delivered over 500,000 newspapers on his local paper route, and was already firmly on the path to becoming one of the wealthiest people on the planet.

Warren Buffet had burning instinct for success[i]

Nicknamed the ‘Oracle of Omaha,’ Warren Buffett always knew that he would be rich. Whether he predicted the incredible extent at which his wealth currently stands is debatable, but his drive and passion for making money from a very early age certainly suggests that he was always a human being with stellar ambitions. His burning instinct for success is matched only by his commitment to give all that he can to the world and, indeed, he has pledged to give almost all that he has to various charitable commitments and forward-thinking investments when he finally reaches the end of his life.

A man who lives to work and strives to fight adversity while giving all he can to his people and his planet is certainly someone who can inspire aspirations to achieve great success in the ‘ordinary’ men and women of society. In this book, we will look at 48 inspiring lessons Warren Buffett taught us in his words, actions, and guiding principles.

If the success story that is Warren Buffett is one that you would like to emulate, you could do worse than to start on the very next page...


1. Perseverance is for the long term; 99% of Buffett’s wealth was earned after his 50th birthday.

Warren Buffett has an incredible net worth believed to be in the region of $63.3 billion. What is most remarkable about this figure is the speed at which the vast majority of it was earned. Through countless investment strategies and business dealings, Warren Buffet became a wealthy man as he grew into middle age.

However, what you may not know is that he made $62.7 billion of his fortune after he turned 50. Even more extraordinary is the fact that nearly 95% of that $62.7 billion came from after his 60th birthday! The lesson is that such monumental success does not happen overnight:

Working as a Wall Street analyst until his mid-20s, Warren amassed a hefty salary which he continually reinvested.

Through investments made in partnership with others, Buffett multiplied his wealth through shrewd stock picking with minimal personal financial input.

Once his capital gains were sufficient, he would reinvest in a number of profitable companies and also enter the insurance business for a source of more wealth he could invest.

Once his fortune became sufficient to make profitable investments in globalized companies, he was able to exponentially grow his net worth to the monumental scale it has now

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  • (4/5)
    Great easy and quick to read summary of the wisdom of Buffett. A neat little reference to go to once a year.