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Prepper Essentials: 25 Tips and Tricks to Survive a Fire in the Woods

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Prepper Essentials: 25 Tips and Tricks to Survive a Fire in the Woods

Автор: Dominic Clay

Длина: 39 стр.30 мин


Wildfires are a very real threat to you wherever you live. They are massive, out-of-control walls of flame that consume everything in their paths. With so many people looking to enjoy the beauties of the outdoors in the warmer months, fires in the woods can seemingly come out of nowhere. Be prepared! In this eBook you will find specific tips and tricks that will help you to get ready for when a wildfire is in your area. 

Prepare like a pro. Here you will find what to do in specific scenarios such as:

- What to do when stuck in your car

- Build an Emergency Fire Kit

- How to put together a Communication Plan

- Know How to Treat Burns

- Should you stay or should you go

It is essential to know what to do in any emergency but especially when fire is breathing down your neck in the woods. Don't be caught wondering what to do the next time you smell smoke in the backwoods. Protect yourself, your family and your group. 

From knowing the causes of wildfires to preventing them right where you are, you'll be prepared like no one you know. Preparing your home, to having the right fire equipment that will see you through a fire in the woods, when you read this book you'll know all you should know about what action to take to save your life and the lives of those you love.