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Regina Maris: For The Innocent: Book Three

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Regina Maris: For The Innocent: Book Three

Автор: Bret Lambert

Длина: 288 стр.4 ч


In the Pacific Ocean the RMS Regina Maris has been hijacked with more than 1,300 passengers and crew aboard. An ultimatum has been delivered to the United States government to release the imprisoned leader of the Resistance and Liberation Front, or there will blood spilt. But Uncle Sam doesn’t negotiate with terrorists and things look bad for the innocent on board the cruise ship.

Among the passengers are Siân Rächer and Echo Papadakis, on board for a much deserved vacation after their last exploit. Also on board is a vicious traitor among the crew, and a mysterious woman who was plucked from the ocean.

Erik Rächer and his InterOps team are asked to intervene, with help from a Navy SEAL team. They have twenty-four hours to get from their base in the Indian Ocean to the cruise ship in the Pacific Ocean. To complicate things they first have to land their large twin-engine gunship on the deck of a supercarrier and then get to the cruise ship ahead of a potent storm.

Can they do it? And once on board the RMS Regina Maris, what will they find? The big question going through the minds of the InterOps team members is simple: How involved is Alexander Shaitan?