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They Called It Puppy Love

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They Called It Puppy Love

Автор: R. A. Rios

Длина: 140 стр.2 ч


2019 Re-release

This Story is about true everlasting love! While falling in love is a confusing emotion, no matter what your age from a teen to adult we all experience the struggles of our emotions. Toby and Mary experience romantic affections for one another even though they knew they were too young to know any better. This set their life course down a one way street out of control.
When we are young these emotional feelings sometime stir within us the thoughts of true love, but they seldom last therefore the term ‘puppy love.’ This story is about Toby and Mary and the exceptional emotional experience that they go thru in their search for "true love."
Come along on this emotional roller coaster ride into true love that brings them real joy as well as lots of emotional pain and heart break. Their story and search for true love spans twelve years but over that time the suffering that this one man must go through is more than any person should ever have to bear.