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Untamed Moon (Paranormal Shifter Erotic Romance)

Untamed Moon (Paranormal Shifter Erotic Romance)

Автор Daphne Loveling

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Untamed Moon (Paranormal Shifter Erotic Romance)

Автор Daphne Loveling

99 страниц
1 час
May 30, 2017


Intrigue, danger, and passion, under the Untamed Moon...

Walking home late one night, Kait is abducted by two dangerous men who threaten to kill her if she doesn’t do what they want.

Just before the unthinkable happens, Kait is rescued by an enormous gray wolf that jumps out of the shadows to fight the two men.  What Kait witnesses next is beyond her comprehension – especially when her wolf savior shifts before her eyes into the form of Tristan, a gorgeous human man.  

What happens next throws the two strangers together in a world of danger and uncertainty, with only Tristan to protect them.  And through it all, Kait knows she will have to make a difficult choice: will she abandon the only life she’s ever known to follow him – and embark on a future in which both their lives are at risk?

This edition of Untamed Moon contains a special **bonus** story, Chosen by the Alpha.

May 30, 2017

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Untamed Moon (Paranormal Shifter Erotic Romance) - Daphne Loveling

Untamed Moon

Untamed Moon

Paranormal Shifter Erotic Romance

Daphne Loveling


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Chosen by the Alpha

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Y ou need a ride , Kait? Harry called as he finished sweeping up.

No thanks, Harry. I’ll manage. It’s no big deal. Sighing and placing my hands on the small of my back, I arched my chest out in a much-needed stretch. This shift had been murder on my back and feet. It would be a huge relief to sit down, even if it was in a rickety, slightly smelly city bus.

I untied my apron and pulled it off, checking the pockets for any personal items and finding a tube of lip balm, which I stuck in the pocket of my shorts. Finally, I waved my goodbye to Harry and Janet, the other waitress, and left the bar at a little after 2:00 a.m. Once outside, I took a deep breath of the cool night air, and let it out. I was exhausted. It had been a rougher night than usual. I don't know what it is about a full moon, but it always seems to bring out the nutjobs. Ask anyone who works nights at a bar. I had been careful to wear something not too revealing for my shift, it being a Friday night, and a full moon, and a Friday the 13th (not that I'm superstitious…). But apparently, my efforts had been in vain. It seemed like I had spent the entire evening swatting away guys' hands as they tried to pinch my ass. I found myself working to smile through my gritted teeth at men whistling and making off-color jokes as they watched me walk by. Even better were the ones who left me crappy tips if I didn't act like I was loving all the attention they were giving me.

A couple of guys in particular had really been pushing my buttons all night, and it was all I could do to keep my cool and let their leers and comments roll off of me. Working for tips can be pretty shitty on nights like these. Generally, I liked my job, and I even liked my boss. It was hardly what I wanted to be doing for the rest of my life, but it paid the bills, and by living very frugally, I was working to put away enough in savings for at least the first year of tuition at the local university, where I hoped to eventually study nursing. But after tonight, I needed a break from the craziness of the C Spot Bar. God, I was so ready for my day off tomorrow. As I walked the block and a half toward the bus stop, I fantasized a little about lying in bed and sleeping as late as I damn well pleased.

I didn’t normally take the bus to work, but my crappy beater car had broken down the day before and was still in the shop. Unfortunately, I guess I hadn’t looked carefully enough at the bus schedule when I’d checked it on my phone earlier, because when I got to the bus stop, there wasn’t a bus in sight, and no one else waiting. I checked the arrival times on the schedule posted inside the bus shelter: crap. The last one had been almost a half-hour ago. What the hell? I thought grumpily, as I scanned down the street in vain. Did they purposely stop the busses half an hour before bar closing time just to punish people for drinking, I thought to myself grumpily? I sighed with exasperation. Well, if so, they were punishing the hard-working wait staff as well.

I was too tired to wait for a cab, and I didn’t want to inconvenience Harry, who lived quite a ways away in the other direction, so I decided to walk the mile and a half or so back to my place. My feet protested at the thought, but I reasoned with them that the walk would do me good. If nothing else, it would give me some time to work off some of the stress of the night. I had my pepper spray, and this part of town was pretty safe, anyway, so I wasn't too worried. I had done the walk frequently with friends this late and we had never run into trouble.

I set off at a brisk pace toward my place, already feeling a little bit better at having made a decision. As I walked, I fantasized about getting into my nice, soft bed, shutting off the light, and sleeping until I woke up naturally tomorrow morning. I had the next day completely free, with no appointments, and not even any errands to run, I was really looking forward to some me time. Maybe I’d paint my nails, kick back and watch a chick flick… It’s the simple things, right?

I must have been a bit lost in my reverie, I admit, and wasn't really paying a lot of attention to my surroundings because there was literally no one around. Suddenly, I thought I heard a kind of brushing sound behind me and to my left. Startled, I increased my pace, tightened my grip on my pepper spray, and risked a quick glance in that direction. Nothing. Still, I was a little spooked. I resolved to keep my mind on my surroundings, and kept walking. About a minute later I heard the noise again -- still to my left, but closer now. I thumbed the safety off the pepper spray, got ready to aim, and glanced back again. Still seeing nothing, I turned back around, and stifled a scream. Standing directly in front of me were two enormous men, blocking my path and the entire sidewalk.

If you make any noise, we will fuckin’ kill you, understand? the one on the left said, almost lazily. The other one simply grinned, a sleazy, animal leer that froze my blood in my veins. The first thug had a three-day beard and dark, scruffy hair, and was wearing worn, faded jeans and a slightly darker jean jacket. The other one was blond, beardless but with stubble, and had on a dark T-shirt and jeans. Both of them had to be at least 6'4'', stickily built, and well-muscled. As I stood there trying not to panic, I recognized them as two of the men who had been harassing me in the bar earlier. They had left together right at closing time, and Harry had had to hustle them out of the bar, threatening to call the cops if they didn’t leave.

The dark one made a move toward me and I drew back instinctively, my mind reeling. The two men had seemingly appeared out of nowhere. I hadn't heard any footsteps to signal their approach -- no sound at all, except for that slight brushing sound I hadn’t

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