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The Black Sheep

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The Black Sheep

Автор: Tod Collins

Длина: 203 стр.3 ч


The Black Sheep, a collection of 25 short stories, is Tod Collins’ third such anthology. His books and writings have won local and international competitions. His novel “Cullen” had critics describing the author as The Hemmingway of Africa and the book won The 2016 Independent Publishers’ Prize for best novel.
Thirteen of his short stories were deemed “too intense” for inclusion in his earlier books so the author resolved that these, together with lighter stories, must one day be published.
In The Black Sheep the author sculpts short stories with inevitable twists in the tail. He writes of a hill-country vet who is called on to treat a mad ox and he takes the reader through a caesarean surgery under the worst imaginable conditions. He tells of a journey back from the pit of deepest despair and of a meeting with a most unusual psychotherapist.
He gets his own back on an English aristocrat who set out to humiliate him, and describes how - sozzled - he replaces a pet hamster in an upmarket London practice. The epic tales of a mountain peak and the drama surrounding its name, as well as the greatest ever case of sheep theft, are also penned in his distinctive fashion.