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Adventures of an Angler in Canada, Nova Scotia and the United States

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Adventures of an Angler in Canada, Nova Scotia and the United States

Автор: Charles Lanman

Длина: 239 стр.3 ч


The Catskill Mountains—South Peak Mountain—A thunder storm—Midnight on the Mountains—Sunrise—Plauterkill Clove—Peter Hummel—Trout fishing—Stony Clove—The Kauterskill Fall—The Mountain House—The Mountain Lake. A Spring Day—The Sky—The Mountains—The Streams—The Woods—The Open Fields—Domestic Animals—Poetry—The Poultry-yard. A corn-planting Bee. Lake Horicon—Sketches of its scenery—Information for anglers—Sabbath-day Point—War memories—The Turret City—Death of a deer—Roger's Slide—Diamond Island—The snake-charmer—Snake stories—Night on the Horicon. The Scaroon Country—Scaroon Lake—Pike Fishing by Torch-light—Trout Fishing—Lyndsey's Tavern—Paradox Lake. The Adirondac Mountains—Trout Fishing in the Boreas River—A night in the woods—Moose Lake—Lake Delia—Mount Tahawas—Lakes Sanford and Henderson—The McIntyre Iron Works. John Cheney, the Adirondac hunter, and some of his exploits. Stage-coach—The Winooski—The Green Mountains—The ruined Dwelling—The White Mountains—The Flume—A deep Pool—The Old Man of the Mountain—The Basin—Franconia Notch—View of the Mountains—Mount Washington—The Notch Valley. Montreal.