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Fantastic Beasts - The Ultimate Quiz Book: 400 Questions and Answers
Fantastic Beasts - The Ultimate Quiz Book: 400 Questions and Answers
Fantastic Beasts - The Ultimate Quiz Book: 400 Questions and Answers
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Fantastic Beasts - The Ultimate Quiz Book: 400 Questions and Answers

Автор Archie Thomas

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How much do you know about the fantastic beasts that live within the world of Harry Potter? Is your knowledge of the film second-to-none? Are you ready to test your own knowledge and that of your friends?
Fantastic Beasts: The Ultimate Quiz Book contains 400 questions (and answers!) covering a wide range of subjects. From simple things that even a no-maj would likely know all the way up to complex subjects that would test even Newt Scamander himself, this is the perfect book for any Harry Potter fan. With sections on the characters, the beasts, the events in the film and much more, this is an excellent addition to any bookshelf.
ИздательAcorn Books
Дата выпуска31 янв. 2017 г.
Fantastic Beasts - The Ultimate Quiz Book: 400 Questions and Answers
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    Fantastic Beasts - The Ultimate Quiz Book - Archie Thomas

    Fantastic Beasts

    The Ultimate Quiz Book

    Archie Thomas

    Published in 2017 by

    Acorn Books


    Digital edition converted and distributed by

    Andrews UK Limited


    © Copyright 2017 Archie Thomas

    The right of Archie Thomas to be identified as the author of this work has been asserted in accordance with the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1998.

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    All facts contained within this book have been researched from reputable sources. If any information is found to be false, please contact the publishers, who will be happy to make corrections for future editions. This book benefits from fair use provisions as set out in applicable copyright and trademark law.


    The answers to most of the questions in this book can be found simply by watching the film Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them - or, of course, by reading the screenplay. However, every now and then I’ve thrown in a question for the real experts out there who will have read a little more about the events surrounding Newt Scamander’s visit to New York. Perhaps it is the name of a character that isn’t mentioned in the dialogue, or a snippet of information about the wider Harry Potter universe... after all, it wouldn’t be much fun if the whole book was easy now, would it?

    All that remains for me to say before you dive into the quiz is that I am grateful to JK Rowling for creating the amazing world of Harry Potter. Not only has it made this book possible, but the adventures of Harry, Newt and all the others have given all of us an absolutely huge amount of pleasure.

    Good luck... and have fun!


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