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Selection of Poems - Christian and Non-Christian

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Selection of Poems - Christian and Non-Christian

Автор: Elaine Day

Длина: 147 стр.51 мин


A selection of Elaine Day's general poems over the years. This is a wide selection of poems that have been collected and placed into a single book. About the Author Elaine Day was born in North London. Her works include History of Havering in Essex, 29 Short stories, Heaven & Earth, Closer to Heaven, Knocking on Heaven's Door, All Year long, Poetry Comes Like Waves, Rhyme & Reason, all published by Feather books. Elaine also has a Editor's Choice Award for her poetry, British Academy certificate, Mensa certificate, Video for hospital T.V. Interviewed on Essex Radio. Elaine now lives in Essex with her husband David.