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Ici, on parle français
Ici, on parle français
Ici, on parle français
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Ici, on parle français

Автор Poltu

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Le côté divertissant de l’apprentissage du français. Une BD en anglais et français écorché. A comic strip on the funny side of learning French as second language. In English and broken French!

Two cool dudes set out to learn French...

Vics and Sids sign up for a French course at the Alliance Française, and get more than they bargained for. Join the linguistic adventures of the laid-back duo as they grapple with hairy French grammar, their irascible teacher Thelma Snax, and a slightly batty fellow student, Malini, with whom Vics proceeds to fall hopelessly in love. French love.

This was a cartoon strip created by the French-speaking cartoonist Poltu for the Alliance Française de Bangalore in 2015. It was displayed in all the classrooms and gained a cult following. Now released to the general public by the author. For inspiration, Poltu drew on his own experience learning French at the Alliance, plus oodles of comic imagination. If you have ever learnt French as second language, this strip should revive fond memories.


This book also contains a bonus strip: the mystery of the missing circumflex. An allegory on the love-hate relationship that the French have with that little ‘cap’ accent that decorates so many of their words.

A German adaption of this comic strip ‘Hier Sprechen wir Deutsch’ is also available as a separate book on this website

Дата выпуска28 июл. 2017 г.
Ici, on parle français
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Pashupati “Poltu” Chatterji is a humor novelist, cartoonist and songwriter. “Poltu” is his pen-name. Poltu describes himself as an overgrown teenager and an incurable Wodehouse addict. He spent the early part of his childhood in Africa, and later in Rajasthan, India. He also lived some years in Munich, Germany. For most of the past decade he had lived in Bangalore, and most of his novels are based out of that city. He is currently based in Lyon, France, with his French wife. Before turning a full time novelist in 2006, Poltu worked in software. He was senior manager in leading tech MNC’s (Siemens, Infineon, Intel). He speaks English, German, French, Hindi, Bengali and smatterings of Kannada, Marathi and Swahili. Poltu has written a number of humorous books, both novels and non-fiction. More information is available on his website www.poltusworld.com. His novels are what he calls ‘musical novels’ – they are accompanied by songs, which can be downloaded from his website. He has won an international songwriting competition in France. In 2014, he was the Cartoonist-in-Residence at Alliance Française de Lyon. In 2015 he drew a weekly comic strip in French for Alliance Française de Bangalore which was displayed in all the classrooms. He publishes numerous weekly cartoon strips on his humor blog: Good God! Blandine’s Farm, Naresh NGO, Searching for Godot, and others, in English, French and German.

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    Ici, on parle français - Poltu


    Ici on parle française’ was project I had done for Alliance Française de Bangalore in 2015. As a French-speaking Indian cartoonist and a former student, they had invited me to do a series of cartoons on life at the institute. The result was a cartoon strip on the fictional adventures of two cool dudes, Vics and Sids, learning French at the Alliance Française. It ran a full year at the institute, developing a cult fan-following, and was eventually published as a paperback by Alliance Française for distribution to all the students of Alliance worldwide.

    This is an e-Book version of that paperback, with modifications and additional episodes, that I am releasing publically at my own initiative. Alliance Française is not in any way connected to this edition. If there are any issues with it, please contact me.

    Enjoy the humor. If you, like me, are a student of the French language, I’m sure it’ll give you a good laugh and revive a few old memories of grappling with adjective declination and irregular verbs and whatnot. This is a free e-book. I urge you to share it widely. Forward it to all your fellow students of the beautiful French language.

    Since the original project was meant for students in Bangalore, it made frequent references to the city, its cuisine, streets etc for local color. A minor drawback is that some of the jokes may be incomprehensible to non-Bangaloreans. There is a glossary at the back for the rest of the world. If you can’t make head nor tail of a particular joke, check out the glossary; it might help.

    I thank again Mikael and his staff at Alliance Française for all the help and support I received. The following page contains an introduction written by Mikael that had accompanied the original paperback.

    By the way, I have also done a German version of this

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