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The Daily Wound

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The Daily Wound

Автор: Dean Moriarty

Длина: 104 стр.1 ч


Everyone has different degrees of anger and if channelled in the right way can have a positive outcome. Anger is a powerful energy and the trick is to use it and not let it use you.
Anger can be aroused and directed as it was in the two world wars; an angry man fights more strongly and so tempers were kept on a short leash and built up to explode at the enemy.
Even after the wars this practice was kept up in the services and created a lot of angry men that after leaving the army or navy came back into society and had few ways to deal with their anger that had been drilled into them, and so caused a lot of unnecessary suffering.
Some did find an outlet to let it off such as in sports or work but most were seen as angry and wrong and bad people and the stigma of violence and madness and devil-like hung over them to the end.