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Exploit Loophole 609 to Boost Your Credit Score and Remove All Negative Items From Your Credit Report

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Easily and quickly exploit Loophole 609 in the Fair Credit Reporting Act to boost your credit score and remove all negative items from your credit report. This book lets you take the power of Credit Repair back in to your own hands. It gives you a voice. Instead of being a number (aka your credit score), you can actually stand up to the Credit Bureaus and say "Hey! it's me buddy. I need my credit score adjusted and I'm going to legally and lawfully make you do it for me." And once you do that, once they realize they are dealing with a savvy street smart consumer, they will be compelled to comply with the requirements of the law and will take negative items off your credit report. The bottom line is that the difference between a good and bad credit reference can make a huge difference to how much you could save by negotiating lower interest rates and/or better terms and conditions. You'll also get better deals with insurers and breeze through employer selection processes. My system shows you exactly the way to legally and permanently remove all negative items from your credit report. If it's not done exactly the right way, the credit reporting company is likely to refuse your request. What type of negative items am I talking about? Items such as collections, repos, bankruptcies, late payments, judgements, loan modifications, liens etc. For the price of a Starbuck's cappuccino or long black (with donut), this book will teach you a simple three step system to be the master of your own destiny and beat those Credit Bureaus at their own game. My Cheat Sheet books make your life easier because I summarize key concepts for you so you can immediately apply them in the real world.

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