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Warren Buffett Biography: Think and Grow as an Investor Billionaire: Business Strategies, Personal Life and More

Warren Buffett Biography: Think and Grow as an Investor Billionaire: Business Strategies, Personal Life and More

Автором Chris Dicker

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Warren Buffett Biography: Think and Grow as an Investor Billionaire: Business Strategies, Personal Life and More

Автором Chris Dicker

4.5/5 (2 оценки)
39 pages
45 minutes
Sep 13, 2017


Warren Buffett, one of the best Billionaire investors of all time. There's hardly a person who does not know who Warren Buffett actually is, unless they have been living in a cave for the last 70 years.

In this biography, you'll discover how to be the next Warren Buffett. This is more than just a biography of his life, but it consists of investment, business strategies and costly mistakes throughout his life. Success leaves clues, it does not happen by luck or accident. Warren Buffett is best known for acquiring and delegating the business creation process. He simply takes a foreign business and improves it.

However, if you also want a look at the man Warren Buffett, you've come to the right place too. Want to know what kind of family man Buffet is? Want to know how a billionaire treats his children? Fascinating stuff.

Warren Buffett is more than just a financial celebrity. He knows the do and don'ts of Wall Street. He perfectly knows when and how to buy a profitable stock, to buy whole company, or stay away from bad deals. The world belongs to those who can Predict the Future. Warren Buffett knows exactly how a company will go in a long-run or if it's worth investing in it, as if he knows the future. There are analysis and indicators to unfold all uncertainties. The truth is that his practical approach will inspire you to kick start your own. The biography is full of insights related to business management, investing and leadership.

You can also learn about his early career and how he got started, as well as the people who impacted his life.
Follow the breadcrumbs. Grab your copy now!

Sep 13, 2017

Об авторе

I love writing biographies about celebrities (dead or alive), because there's so much to learn from those people. Success leaves clues, so I study and write about successful people.

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Warren Buffett Biography - Chris Dicker

Warren Buffett Biography: Think and Grow as an Investor Billionaire

Chris Dicker

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Book cover image photographed by Michael Hsing. [CC BY 4.0]

Table of Contents

The Investor billionaire – Warren Buffett

Evolution of the Investor

Berkshire Hathaway Takes Off

Marriage, Personal Life and Friends

Buying and Acquiring Businesses

Investment Principles: Mr. Market

Warren Buffett Today

Political and Economic View

The Philanthropist

His Advise For You


An Introduction

The world has witnessed quite a few Internet billionaires due to a growth in technology. We have also seen mega billionaires from core industries like steel, shipping and gas production. Last but not the least, there also exists a kind who bumped into a lot of wealth by inheritance. Amongst them is a wizard who has dominated the Forbes list of billionaires, year after year through the route of the stock market. He is none other than the greatest value investor of all times, an American business magnate and a philanthropist. He is also known as the Wizard of Omaha, the Oracle of Omaha and the world’s greatest investor. He is none other than Warren Edward Buffett.

With an estimated net worth of more than 75 billion dollars he has retained his spot in the top five richest persons in the world from more than

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