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Milking His Friend's Wife
Milking His Friend's Wife
Milking His Friend's Wife
Электронная книга52 страницы42 минуты

Milking His Friend's Wife

Автор Ron Dawes

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When Jeff's friend sees Karen breastfeeding their new baby, he innocently asks what it tastes like. Karen allows him to try it, unaware how arousing it would be, not only for Aaron, but also for her. If Jeff had known just how much it would turn on his best friend, not to mention his wife, he never would have allowed it. But he is surprised to learn just how excited it makes him, as well, every time he thinks about it. Their sex life goes into overdrive, so Jeff knows that his wife can think of little else than sharing her milk with another man. Will he allow it? How far will the couple go to slake their unquenchable lust?

Ron Dawes is the undisputed master of the Hot Wife genre, and this story adds to that legacy. As the action and suspense grow, slowly but steadily toward a heart pounding climax, Dawes explores the range of emotions involved in such a provocative and taboo act.

ИздательRon Dawes
Дата выпуска28 сент. 2017 г.
Milking His Friend's Wife
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Ron Dawes

Writing these stories provides me an outlet to express my innermost fantasies. I love hearing from readers who have been moved by my stories. Feel free to drop me a note anytime.Many of my stories are based on my fantasies. Some of the stories are based on the fantasies of others that have contacted me. But all of them are fantasies. We have no control over our fantasies, and many of them will always be just that; fantasies, not real. I don't necessarily condone the behavior of my characters; some of them are a bit lecherous, I'm afraid. Some are rowdy. And some might just be a little nasty. But it takes all kinds.I believe that men, deep down, have a strong need to worship and adore their lover. I believe that women, deep down, have a strong need to be worshiped and adored by their lover. Most of my stories reflect those beliefs.

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    Milking His Friend's Wife - Ron Dawes

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