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C++ (C plus plus) is a general purpose programming language based on the C programming language. In addition to facilities provided by C, C++ provides classes, inline functions, operator overloading, constant type references, free store management operators, etc.
The new language was known as "C with classes" initially. However in 1983, the name was changed to C++. C++ blends the high efficiency and stylistic elements of C with the object-oriented paradigm. It is a machine-independent language and is considered an industry standard language. C++ has been in use for large software projects. Stability and compatibility have been important considerations in the development of the language.
The development of C++ was not an attempt to create a completely new programming language. Instead it was an enhancement to an already highly successful one. C++ was standardized on 1977 and the ANSI / ISO (American National Standards Institute / International Standards Organization) standard for C++ is now available.

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