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question on idol (6)

question on idol (6)

Автором Farah solomon

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question on idol (6)

Автором Farah solomon

152 pages
1 hour
Sep 20, 2017


"question about idols" there are 6 books, that is some story of dreams, wonderful. In dreams, you can talk to your idols. I write some chat with my friends as your dream
With "question about idol 6" you see story of Victoria, Michael, Peggy
this is an example
Me: in how many grey hours.
Victoria: When life's mad tumult wraps around me.
Me: Have you kindled my heart to warm love.
Victoria: Have you transported me into
Sep 20, 2017

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question on idol (6) - Farah solomon


Victoria - Second Season

The Queen is expecting again.

Don't think she's too happy about it.

It's so soon, it's so soon after Vicky.

She don't know what

it means to be hungry.

They don't need balls, they need bread.

Do you want to feel ashamed

of your birthplace?

If you had not spent

so much on your hobbies,

then I wouldn't need to be.

It might be best if he

does go back to Coburg.

I wanted to say goodbye.

I do not trust my father

to behave without me.

How could he just walk

in off the street?

Your happiness means everything to me.

Everything changes. Except us.







Your Majesty!

Your Majesty...

Is that really necessary?

No! No!

You'll be fine, you'll be fine...

Victoria. Victoria, look at me.

Look at me.

Look at me.

It will be over soon, I promise.

I promise.

You're going to be fine.

You'll be fine.


we have a Prince of Wales.

Isn't he beautiful?

All babies look like frogs to me.

Ah, good evening, my beloved.


You, noble Art,

in how many grey hours.

When life's mad tumult

wraps around me.

Have you kindled my heart

to warm love.

Have you

transported me into

a better world!

Transported me into

a better world!

It's Her Majesty's senior dresser,

as I live and breathe.

Welcome to our humble abode.

I came as soon as I could.

You said it was urgent.

It's not...?

No, she's better now.

The doctor gave her some medicine.

Thank God.

Ssh. It's all right, Emily.

It's all right.

This is MY medicine.

Is that right?

What is it that you want, Eliza?

I wonder, when I have so much!

The Prince has put up our wages.


there's a bit more than usual.

Aren't I the lucky one?

What a strong face you have,

my little man.

You will be king one day, you know.


As your dear father said about you,

plump as a partridge.


The boy Jones.

It's in the Morning Chronicle.

Right there.

He didn't go to the papers

himself did he, Mr. Penge?

No, but someone else did

and whoever it was is a

traitor to Queen and country.

The informant must be in the household.

Why would anyone be doing that?

It does seem now it has been

advertised to the entire world

that the palace is not safe.

Not safe?

He was just a little boy, Albert.

Our family is entitled to its privacy.

From Coburg, Your Royal Highness.


Your father?

I have to make the

necessary arrangements.


What brings you to this

corner of the palace?

A dark day for the Prince.

I wonder if the Queen might

accompany him to the funeral.

I think not. The Queen has been...

out of sorts since the birth.

I would have thought she'd be

happy to have secured an heir.

I suppose we shall never

understand the fairer sex, will we?

As I'm sure you know,

I leave for Coburg this afternoon.

In my absence,

I am relying on you to find out

who informed the Morning Chronicle

about the palace intruder.

But it could have been

any of the palace staff.

There are hundreds of them.

How could I possibly find out...

I am relying on you, Baroness,

to find the culprit.

Otherwise all of the staff

here will have to be replaced.

You included.

The Royal household must be trustworthy.

Yes, Your Royal Highness.

One of you has sold this private

information to the public.

I will find out who has

betrayed the Queen's trust.

If you know anything about who did this,

it is your obligation to tell me.


Where have you been?

Nowhere in particular.

I've asked Lehzen to prepare

my trunks for Coburg.

Oh, my love, I...

I think I should travel alone.

We've never spent a night

apart since we married.

I fear it is too soon

after your confinement.

But I want to be with you.

Victoria, you have not quite been

yourself since the baby arrived.

I do not want you to make

such a melancholy journey.

Stay here with the children.

Recover your strength.

I wish I could go with him.

He will manage without you, Majesty.

I know he will.


I am sorry.

No. No, no, no.

My fault.

You are looking prosperous these days.

Is that real gold?

Well... do I seem like the kind

of man who'd wear pinchbeck?

No. I think you'd prefer

the genuine article.

You're right there, Nancy.

I didn't know what to expect.

He looks so calm.

More than he ever did when he was alive.

I-I received a letter

from him the day before.

Was he asking for money?

He was asking me to

name the baby after him.

But it was too late.

You chose the right name for your son,


I came as soon as I could.

We are orphans now, you and I.

Not quite orphans, my dear boys.

Uncle Leopold.

Vicky, why must you always be moving?

Children of her age have

little understanding, ma'am.

I know.

Look, ma'am,

little Prince Albert is smiling.


Has the mail arrived from Coburg?

Usually takes a week, ma'am.

Never mind, ma'am.

As my late husband used to say,

absence makes the heart grow fonder.

My son is a fine fellow.

Victoria, usually she wishes

to be a part of everything,

but now it is as if she

does not care any more.

You miss the fighting?

I miss her spirit.

That tree.

This seems familiar.

I dared you to climb up it.


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