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question on idol (5)

question on idol (5)

Автором Farah solomon

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question on idol (5)

Автором Farah solomon

158 pages
1 hour
Sep 20, 2017


"question about idols" there are 6 books, that is some story of dreams, wonderful. In dreams, you can talk to your idols. I write some chat with my friends as your dream
With "question about idol 5" you see story of Beth, Joni, Susan, Michele
this is an example
Me: Bull Foreman!
Beth: Get these little immigrant bastards on their feet.
Me: We've got two hours of daylight left.
Beth: You heard Mr. Carlton.
Me: You got two hours.
Beth: I need a small one.
Me: Just get in there, and don't think about it.
Me: Just leave the sticks and back out now.
Sep 20, 2017

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question on idol (5) - Farah solomon



Wicked Little Things

Bull Foreman!

Get these little immigrant bastards

on their feet.

We've got two hours

of daylight left.

You heard Mr. Carlton.

You got two hours.

I need a small one.


What's your name?



Just get in there,

and don't think about it.

Just leave the sticks

and back out now.


Come on! Get out here!

And old Man Carlton wants

this section open.

Now light it up!

She's just a child.

You want to be out on your ass?

Sarah, stop it.

Okay, it's enough, Sarah.

God, you've been fudging

with the radio for an hour now.

You can say fuck, Mom.

I've heard it before.

Mammy, how much longer?

Soon, Emma.

Very, very soon.

You said that like an hour ago.

Okay, so we're going

to stop up here in Addytown

and get some supplies,

and then the house...

is not far up the mountain from there.

Can I get a candy bar, Mom?

Please, Mom, just one. Please?

Do you want anything, Sarah?

Yeah, to go home.

Will that be all, ma'am?


and the candy bar.

$. .

On the house, little one.

These pictures are kind of creepy.

Easy to get lost in these woods.

Might I ask what you're doing

up in these hills?

Oh, we're moving here.

To Addy?

No, little further up. Carlton?

My husband.

My late husband was a Tunny.

Did you know them?

I know the house.

Ain't been no Tunnys

around here in years, though.

Yeah, I think my husband

was one of the last.

But we inherited the house, so...

We don't make deliveries up there.


I'm sorry, I didn't catch your name.


Walter, I'm Karen.

What's your name, little one?


And this is Sarah.

Let's get out of here

before it gets dark.

These woods creep me out.

Well, thank you, Walter.

It was very nice to meet you.

- I'm sure we'll be seeing a lot of you.

- You bet.

Bye, Emma.

What's that movie called about the guy

who gets his head chopped off?

- Why did he get his head chopped off?

- Stop scaring Emma.

Yeah, Johnny Depp was in it.

That's what this looks like.

Like we're in the frickin'

Legend of Sleepy Hollow.



Hey! Emma, it's not funny.

Jesus, Mom,

you almost killed us!

Is everyone okay?

Yeah, except for the fact

that I almost pissed my pants!

- Mom, where are you going?

- Just stay here.


Where did he go?

I don't know.

He just disappeared.

That's got to be it.

You cannot be serious.

Is this where we're going

to live, Mom?

For a while, baby.

There's no way I'm living here.

Mom, it's a wreck.

We're in the middle of nowhere.

Quit your bitching hmm.

What's that on the door?

What is it, Mom?

I don't know, baby.

It looks like paint or something.

Looks like blood to me.

Why would it be blood?

It's not blood.

Give it a rest.

Lock's broken.

That's reassuring.

Great, no electricity.

Wow, it's big.

It's bigger than our other house!

I want to see my room!

Be careful, Emma!

This place is filthy.

I wonder how old

that Christmas tree is?

At least they had a Christmas.

Hey why don't we get everything out of

the car, you know, before it gets dark?

I'm going to go look

for the breaker box.

And why don't you see if

the water's turned on yet, okay?



There's fricking rats!

One just tried to rip my throat out.


What if the rat comes back?

He won't.

But what if he does?

Then we'll chop him up

and feed him to the monster.

What monster?

Would you please stop

scaring your sister?

I want to go home.

This is our home.

At least until I can figure

out what to do with it.

This is not home.

This is Dad's bad joke on us.

Don't do this, Sarah.

Come on now.

Because I can't handle it.

What happened wasn't his fault.

He loved you.

He loved...

all of us.

I'm sorry, Mom.

Hey, you guys?

I know this has been really tough

on all of us.

What we're going to do

is work together,

and we'll get through it.

Right, Emma?


- Right?

- Right.

I like sleeping together.

Well, it's just for tonight,

because tomorrow morning

we're going to clean up this place

and then you guys are going

to each have your own room.

That's something you've

never had before, huh?

What about school?

There's one in Addytown.

I talked to them.

You can start late,

you know, after we get

settled in and everything.

With a bunch of demented mountain hicks?

- Mom!

- Good night.

I might have to...

check these pipes

down in the basement, miss.

The real estate agent promised

that everything would be working.

Well, I didn't get the call

till last evening to come up here.

This is so frustrating.

I found out yesterday

that we don't have phone service,

and, of course,

my cellphone isn't working.


I'm surprised they even turned

on the electric for you.

- What?

- Oh, I need you to run down

to that store that we stopped at

on the way up here

and get as much

from this list as you can.


Mom, look at me.

I've not taken a shower

in two days.

- I'm not going anywhere in public.

- I'll let you drive the car.

To the store and back.

Take it slow.

- Thank you.

- Hey!

- Shut up!

- Butthead.

Doesn't look like this thing's

been working for

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