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Chromecast Device: Hands-On Guide for Setting Up and Using a Chromecast Device

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Chromecast Device: Hands-On Guide for Setting Up and Using a Chromecast Device

Автор: James Dawson

Длина: 29 стр.21 мин


This book is dedicated to all of the regular people out there, who just want to take advantage of modern technology. You don't need to be a computer expert to quickly learn how to set up your Chromecast device. By following the simple steps that are detailed in these pages, you will have complete access to a whole world of wonderful content.

You can learn to use your Chromecast to: Stream the latest and greatest movies; Watch entire seasons of your favourite TV shows; Stay up-to-date with news, sports, and documentaries; Listen to music and radio shows, including pod casts; Access an extensive range of specially made Chromecast apps

All the information that anyone needs to know about using a Chromecast device, is featured in this extensive guide. Within just a short amount of time, you can go from taking your Chromecast out of the box, to streaming all sorts of popular media – straight to your television set. You do not require any existing knowledge about Internet streaming.

The following information will be covered in this book:

- Exactly what is a Chromecast?

- Setting up your Chromecast with your TV and favourite device

- Fixing problems with your device

- Top Chromecast apps to choose from

- Advice about buying a Chromecast

List of compatible devices