Plymouth and Chrysler-built cars Complete Owner's Handbook of Repair and Maintenance

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Plymouth and Chrysler-built cars Complete Owner's Handbook of Repair and Maintenance

Автор: Hank Elfrink

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Длина: 388 стр.2 ч


This Plymouth Handbook deals mainly with the 1955 Plymouth and Dodge models but some space has been given to other Chrysler products.

Although many components and repair procedures are the same for all Chrysler-built cars there are also many differences and it is of course impossible to deal with all these various aspects in a book this size. However, we have endeavored to make the best possible selection of subjects considered to be the most important to the average owner. Also many repair procedures on the more popular older models have been included and considerable attention has been given to the repair and adjustment of older type transmissions.

The Hy-Drive and PowerFlite automatic transmissions are discussed in considerable detail, but mainly with the object of familiarizing the reader with the operation and construction of these units. It should be borne in mind that these transmissions (the PowerFlite in particular) are highly complicated and adjustments and repairs should be left only to those who possess the necessary know-how, experience and equipment to perform these delicate operations.

To a great extent the same holds true for the Power Steering units and the electrical gear (starter motor, generator voltage regulator).

Many thanks are due to the Chrysler Division, Plymouth Division, Dodge Division and De Soto Division of the Chrysler Corporation who have been kind enough to furnish extensive service information and the material upon which this handbook is based.

1955 - Hank Elfrink