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Stevie Tyler is a bartender-slash-waitress working at a high end hotel in the world-class ski village of Whistler.
Granger Ellis is a hard-partying Scottish rock star enjoying some downtime following the end of a hectic world tour.

Stevie meets the rock God when he emerges from the hotel pool with nothing clinging to him but wet hair and shamelessness. He's immediately intrigued, but she hates modern rock almost as much as she hates self-indulgent celebrities.
Stevie is a motorcycle riding member of Mensa with a passion for eighties hair bands, knitting and her pet iguana, Toto. She has her Masters degree in molecular biology and she's brilliant - literally.

Granger wants her in a bad way - muffin top and all - but his band mates have other ideas, and he's got a few vices of his own that just might threaten it all.
Can they make coming from two shockingly different worlds work or will all the sabotage and meddling prove to be too much for them to take?

Standalone novel with HEA recommended 18+ for language/substance use.

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