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Public Speaking Secrets: How To Deliver A Perfect Presentation as a Foreign Professional

Public Speaking Secrets: How To Deliver A Perfect Presentation as a Foreign Professional

Автор Whitney Nelson

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Public Speaking Secrets: How To Deliver A Perfect Presentation as a Foreign Professional

Автор Whitney Nelson

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Jan 27, 2018


Delivering A Presentation as a Foreign Professional

When English is your second language, it doesn’t matter if it’s your first presentation or your fiftieth. Every time you step before an audience you may feel varying degrees of stage fright. It is natural. But what’s not natural is to be so paralyzed by the fear when you refuse speaking engagements.

Research has shown that 75 percent of the North American population experiences "stage fright" at some point in their lives, whether it’s standing up before a classroom to speak or giving a presentation to a group of thousands. Many of these people are native English speakers. If they get nervous and have second thoughts, it’s only natural if English is your second language.

As an individual with a professional career, you have vital information to share. Regardless of whether you are giving a talk to your colleagues and supervisors or an auditorium of several hundred, this book is invaluable. From the finer nuances of presentation to the small but vital adjusting of your spoken word to ensure your pronunciation and elocution is as polished as possible, you’ll find tips, tricks, and techniques that have already worked miracles for thousands of other foreign professionals.

☆★In this Guide, you will Discover..☆★

• 5 Major fears every speaker feels that are intensified when English is your second language.

• 7 Easy ways to build a rapport with your audience – Secrets to polish your speaking abilities.

• 7 Must-know tips to become the best speaker possible

• The meaning of signposting and how this simple technique can keep you on the right path in your speech.

• How to use what you believe are your biggest liabilities and transform them into your biggest assets.

• Ideas and concepts that can improve your speech within a week.

This Public Speaking Guide is For You If..

✔ You have a high school diploma

✔ English is not your first language

✔ Public speaking is part of your job

✔ You are trying to get in a career that requires you to give a speech

✔ Having good communication skill is required in your job

If any one of those sounds familiar to you, perhaps you have found the right book. This book is essential for you to break through and not only improving your public speaking skills but developing them so well that you can deliver your message efficiently to your audience.

REMEMBER:If you keep doing what you’ve always been doing, you’ll always get the same old results.

Discover the secrets of public speaking as a foreign professional

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Jan 27, 2018

Об авторе

Hi! My name is Whitney. I am an international English professor and I have been an English professor of EFL for almost 23 years, during which time I have taught at all levels, and many age groups from Middle School up to adults. I have taught at a few big organizations in Korea and China, Open Universities, technical colleges, and high schools. I take great satisfaction in the fact that I was successful in helping even the weakest students to speak English and dramatically improve the level of many of those I taught. My success in teaching English is a huge part of why I am so confident in giving advice about learning languages. As English has become such an important skill for connecting with the world at large – be it for business, education or pleasure – I am eager to do all I can to support you in reaching your individual goals. www.englishwithwhitney.com

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Public Speaking Secrets - Whitney Nelson


As a way of saying thanks for your purchase. I am offering my Ebook  How to Improve Your Spoken English without Talking to Others People for Free

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Milosh knew one thing for sure: That making this presentation was essential to his eventual rise in the company. Okay, Milosh knew something else. He knew he wanted nothing more than to make a name in the company. He wanted a promotion and he wanted a pay raise. The presentation, scheduled for several weeks from now, was a large part of attaining his goals.

He sat down with his former English teacher and expressed his concerns. His main fear was that because he didn’t speak English like a native, he faced a larger chance of failure.

When he confided his fears to his English teacher, he laughed. Milosh, I’ll be straight up with you, he said. You’re one of the most talented students I’ve ever had. You’ll give that presentation and nail it.

But before parting, his teacher did speak a bit on the extra burdens that foreign professionals encounter when they’re facing an audience. This information isn’t meant to make you feel more inadequate, it’s meant to encourage you to prepare. It’s meant to emphasize the importance of proper preparation.

Ask any foreign professionals. They’ll all tell you the same thing. Sure, native speakers may whine about stage fright and forgetting their presentation, but this situation is doubly as difficult for anyone who’s speaking to a large audience in English as their second language.

It’s only natural for it to be a bit more difficult, just a tad more problematic, a little more challenging. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible or, for that matter, you won’t find it one of the more thrilling times of your life. For many, it truly is.

It might be more satisfying for the average ESL (English as Second Language) they’ve faced all the possible hurdles. They’ve seriously prepared for them and conquered them all. They discover two things. First, they’ve raised their self-confidence levels which help them realize that there are other goals they now could embrace.

Secondly, they do have a place in corporate America. They can communicate just as well as their native-speaking peers and they’re ready to compete, anywhere and anytime.

Foreign Professionals and Additional Presentation Concerns

Let’s face it. Public speaking may strike fear and anxiety in those who are just beginning, regardless of what language they grew up speaking. When you add in a dash of fear based on culture shock and excessive concern about speaking the language well enough to be understood by a group of your peers and colleagues, even the best of students may be a bit intimidated.

According to some experts, the level of anxiety you’ll experience is increased compared to native speakers. This makes sense to many since you’re not only concerned about the writing and structure of your presentation, but you have additional apprehensions that a native speaker wouldn’t have. For one thing, you may be wondering if your audience can understand you, given your accent.

Those students who learn through more visual means are those who seem to be more hesitant and more troubled when told they must present their findings to others. If this describes you, don’t resign yourself to a mediocre presentation. Yes, you can give your audience an outstanding talk, opening it up to audience participation without breaking a sweat.

Even accounting for the potential of cultural indifference, you can be more self-confident and in turn, present a better talk than even your native speaking counterpart.

How do I know? Because I see it occur every day. If even one ESL professional can give not just a good presentation, but an excellent speech, then you can too. Keep that in mind.

Some call it Communication Anxiety

Just like with other students, you may be suffering from communication anxiety. How can you tell if your fear is unnaturally high and are in need of a bit more specialized and generalized practice before you stand in front of your audience? 

Trust me, you’ll know. You won’t have to take any quizzes or ask anyone. If you feel unusually nervous, then do yourself a favor and begin to take the necessary steps to practice. And do it immediately.

In this way, you’ll feel infinitely more comfortable with just the idea of giving the speech. You probably won’t be feeling be totally fear-free, but you’ll discover an underlying feeling of self-confidence you didn’t possess before your practice.

How Can This Book Help You?

This book is your valuable companion as you’re practicing for your next presentation in English. Regardless of what your native tongue is, you’ll discover these universal suggestions, practice exercises and secrets you probably never knew existed to be of amazing help.

For example, in the first chapter, we’ve

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  • (4/5)
    Bought this for my son who is doing public speaking at school, he says this book is Great. Very concise and clear, and easy to understand. However. Not a Lot of information on pronunciation and grammar.
  • (5/5)
    I took speech classes in college, however, it was not enough! I often felt that I needed to advance my speech skills and it call starts with controlling your fear. This is a very good book, with good reasons and logic, which is coming from the author experience. Nice book!
  • (5/5)
    The book is very easy to read, direct to the point and the way the author wrote it, it is very relatable.
  • (5/5)
    Awesome. I’m inspired and I really feel that I learned some solid strategies to help with public speaking. A great approach to healing the wounds of embarrassment. I’m a huge proponent of facing our fears and wounds and bringing them into the light. Also, I learned some great tricks here too! Great book I have to say. There are some books that will always be by your side, highlighted and re-read, and this is one of them. Thank you, Whitney, for this gem of a book!
  • (5/5)
    I love the fact that the author shares relatable experiences and struggles we can have with public speaking. Some of the very same struggles I am currently overcoming: Anxiety, nervousness, fear and just wanting to dive in a hole and just stay there rather than speak to a crowd of people. But as said in the book: The more you do it, the more you get used to it.
  • (5/5)
    A lot of great tips to overcome stage fright. Easy to understand too.