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The No B.S. Straightforward Supplement Guide

The No B.S. Straightforward Supplement Guide

Автором Tyler Johnston

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The No B.S. Straightforward Supplement Guide

Автором Tyler Johnston

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115 pages
38 minutes
Feb 8, 2018


Find Out What's Worth It and What's Worthless Once and For All
In a fitness industry that has become completely overrun with fads, false information and outright scams, The No B.S. Straightforward Supplement Guide was written as your no nonsense resource to help you reach your fitness goals of building muscle and burning fat the right way.

Stop falling for the multi-million dollar ads that talk about the latest "revolutionary discovery" that will allow you to pack on 50lbs of muscle while you sit on the couch

Beyond a small handful of supplements, most of what's out there flat out doesn't work, yet most trainees still hugely over-value these products and have completely unrealistic expectations about just how big (or small) of an impact the "latest breakthrough pill" will actually have.

STOP Wasting Money, STOP The Confusion
In this No B.S. guide, I'll be laying out the honest truth about which supplements actually work and how to include them in your plan to maximize your results.

Here's a sample of some of the things you're going to learn when you read this book:

How to Save Hundreds, if not Thousands of Dollars of Your Hard Earned Money
The 6 Secret Scams of the Supplement Industry
Which Supplements are the Best for Building Muscle, and Which are Overhyped and Overpriced
Which Supplements are the Best for Burning Fat, and Which are Overhyped and Overpriced
The 5 Essential Supplements to Make up the Foundation of Your Plan
The Extended Supplement Stack to Fully Maximize Your Results
The Perfect Pre-Workout Stack
And More...

Learn The Science-Based Info You Can Trust
I get it... I love the idea of lying back, popping a few pills and slugging back a quick shake to see an effortless, overnight boost in muscle growth and fat loss just as much as the next guy. But it just doesn't work that way, no matter what the photoshopped fitness model in the supplement ad told you.

In reality, the majority of products lining the shelves at your local supplement shop are packed full of ineffective ingredients that are NOT backed by any real scientific research... They're usually under-dosed, poorly formulated and hide specific ingredient amounts behind "proprietary blends", and in some cases, don't even actually contain what the label says.

It might sound crazy, but these sorts of things are actually pretty common practice and it's easy for supplement companies to get away with them since the industry is so loosely regulated by the FDA.

The bottom line is if you’re spending money on supplements for bodybuilding, building muscle, burning fat, enhancing sports performance or just want to know the secrets of this industry and its various products, then you want to read this book.

With this book you'll also get a free bonus report from Tyler called "10 Deadly Fat Loss Mistakes Sabotaging Your Fat Loss Success."

In this free bonus report, you're going to learn the truth behind 10 of the most common weight lifting and nutrition mistakes that ruin peoples efforts to get lean and muscular.

If you've ever felt stuck at a fat loss plateau... wondered why your diet isn't working... or felt unsure about your training routine producing the lean results you hoped for... then you need to read this report.

Learn what the supplement companies don't want you to know about what truly works and what's wasting your money.

Scroll up and click the “Buy” button now and start getting the most out of your supplement plan!

Feb 8, 2018

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The No B.S. Straightforward Supplement Guide - Tyler Johnston



Tyler Johnston

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MASS3 LV1 Training Program

Copyright © 2018 Tyler Johnston

All rights reserved.


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Founder and Head Trainer/ Fitness Nutrition Coach at Alpha Physique Engineering

Certified Fitness Nutrition Coach

Author of #1 International Best Seller on Amazon

National Level Natural Physique Competitor

Fitness Model Mr. CHIN 2014

Holds Degrees in Psychology and Business Administration from Wilfrid Laurier University


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First off, thank you for purchasing The "No B.S. Straightforward Supplement Guide". I hope you will enjoy it and find the information valuable and helpful in your fitness journey.

Every product I create, I pride myself on providing my customers, you, the very best information available in order to help you gain muscle, lose body fat, and achieve your ultimate fitness goals. To look your best, do your best and BE your best.

In exchange for this commitment, I would like you to make another one to me: do not copy, resell or steal this book without official permission.

You know just as well as I do that e-books are easily copied, shared and passed around. But you should know people like myself or other e-book writers make our living this way. I worked very hard for this book and am charging a very fair price for it, a price that you’ve also paid for this book. Therefore, if you know someone who’d like a copy, please send him or her my way.

This book is copyright, with all rights reserved. That means that all violations of this copyright (illegal copy, illegal distribution, illegal derivative works) are subject to legal action. In other words, don’t make things messy for all of us by doing something illegal… My partners and affiliates actively search and often find all violations to my copyright.

Thanks for keeping your promises so I can continue doing my work and helping you with your fitness goals.

Thank you,

Tyler Johnston, FNC, Author of IIFYM Flexible Dieting Bodybuilding Guide, No B.S. Straightforward Supplement Guide and MASS3 Training.

PS: The information in this book is for educational purposes only. It is not medical advice and is not intended to replace the advice or attention of health-care professionals. Consult your physician before beginning or making any changes in your diet or exercise program. Specific medical advice should be obtained from a licensed health-care practitioner.

Tyler Johnston and his associates will not assume any liability, nor be held responsible for any injury, illness or personal loss due to the utilization of any information contained herein.


HEY, I’M TYLER Johnston The APE Coach, Fitness Nutrition Coach, Natural Physique Competitor, Online Trainer, and Author. I want to welcome you to the No B.S. Straightforward Supplement Guide and start off by saying thank you and congratulations!

This book is chalk full of all the supplement information and advice I wish I had known when I started my bodybuilding and fitness career a decade ago and I know it is going to be an incredibly valuable resource for you to help you get the absolute best results possible in your physique, performance and overall health and wellbeing.

The whole reason I decided to write this book was frankly out of frustration with the lack of accurate or complete information available to the public when it comes to supplements.

Whether it be about the true effectiveness or scientific support of any given supplement, what constitutes a good supplement vs. A not-so-good one. Or simply which key supplements of the thousands available should be given priority over others.

In addition to all that, the supplement industry is also notorious for embellishment, shady tactics and straight up scams.

So before we dive into the details in this book covering everything you need to know to supplement for success with your muscle building and fat loss program, I wanted to point out a few basic, yet fundamental pieces of information.

First and foremost, supplements should never and are not meant to be a replacement for proper nutrition or training strategies.

Regardless of how some marketing companies portray them;

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