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Hong Kong, What If...?

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Hong Kong, What If...?

Автор: Ken Albertsen

Длина: 92 стр.1 ч


If just one or two small things had transpired differently, prior to the 1997 hand-over, Hong Kong would likely still be a British colony or quite possibly an independent state, like Singapore. Strange as it sounds, Chinese officialdom wasn't cognizant of the treaty describing the hand-over - until British officials informed them in 1979. Chinese officialdom were unawares, because of the cavalcade of tumultuous events which took place in China during the 20th Century. The last treaty signed, by British and Chinese officials, actually specified that the most important part of the colony (delineated by 'Boundary Road') remain a member of the British commonwealth 'in perpetuity.'

The first half of the book summarizes the actual true-life history of China, from the first Portuguese and British trading ships of the 16th century, up until the 1997 hand-over of Hong Kong. The second half of the Hong Kong book offers a fictional scenario of what might have happened if just one or two lead-up incidents had been slightly altered. Hong Kong island and Kowloon could well have remained British, according to signed treaties.