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Sales Management (The Brian Tracy Success Library)

Sales Management (The Brian Tracy Success Library)

Автор Brian Tracy

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Sales Management (The Brian Tracy Success Library)

Автор Brian Tracy

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8 июл. 2015 г.


The pressure surrounding the sales manager is intense. Given the task of recruiting, managing, and motivating a top team of high-performing sales professions, so much of the sales manager’s success is dependent on others. Or is it?Sales expert Brian Tracy has spent decades studying the most successful sales managers and professionals in every industry. In this indispensable pocket-sized resource, he has encapsulated 6 key characteristics of a winning sales team. In Sales Management, he distills these simple but powerful strategies so that sales managers can learn how to:• Select and recruit sales champions• Establish clear objectives• Inspire singleness of purpose• Motivate people with the right incentives• Develop winners through continuous coaching and training• Conduct game-changing performance reviews• De-hire poor performers• And moreDon’t leave your success as a sales manager in the hands of others. Learn today how YOU can increase your sales team’s effectiveness, improve their bottom line, and advance your own career in the process.
8 июл. 2015 г.

Об авторе

Brian Tracy is Chairman and CEO of Brian Tracy International, a company specializing in the training and development of individuals and organizations. He is the top selling author of over forty-five books that have been translated into dozens of languages. Brian is happily married and has four children. He is active in community and national affairs, and is the President of three companies headquartered in Solana Beach, California.

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Sales Management (The Brian Tracy Success Library) - Brian Tracy

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1 The Role of the Sales Manager

2 Build a Great Sales Team

3 Select Champions

4 Start Them Off Right

5 Manage by Sales Objectives

6 The Psychology of Sales Success

7 Practice the Performance Formula

8 Improve Your Leadership Style

9 Reward Sales Performance

10 Develop Winning Salespeople

11 Plan Sales Activities

12 Satisfy Salespeople’s Basic Needs

13 Keep Them Focused

14 Use the CANEI Method

15 Brainstorm for Sales Improvements

16 Discipline Salespeople Effectively

17 Let Your Poor Performers Go

18 Lead by Example

19 The Control Valve on Performance

20 Four Keys to Building Salespeople

21 Courage, the Vital Quality of Success


About the Author

Free Sample Excerpt from Unlimited Sales Success by Brian Tracy


When IBM ran into financial trouble the early 1990s, the company brought in a new president, Lou Gerstner. He immediately called in his friends from McKinsey & Company, one of the largest and most respected management consultancies in the world. He asked them to use their investigative skills to determine why IBM sales, market share, and profits were falling. They immediately went to work.

In less than six months, the consultants were back. They assembled the senior executives and told them, We have found your problem.

They asked, What is it?

The McKinsey consultants replied, Low sales.

The executives agreed that this was the problem and then asked, What is the solution?

The McKinsey consultants said simply, High sales.

Again, the senior IBM executives pointed out that these two answers were obvious. But how would these high sales be achieved?

The 75 Percent Rule

The answer became known as the 75 percent rule. In their research, they found that as the result of certain company policies, salespeople and sales managers were spending too much time in the office filling out forms and too little time in the field face-to-face with customers.

They recommended that this situation be reversed immediately. The 75 percent rule simply said that from now on, the salespeople should spend 75 percent of their time in the field with customers talking about IBM products and services. In addition, the sales managers, who had been stuck in their offices most of the day processing the paperwork that the salespeople were generating, were to spend 75 percent of their time in the field with salespeople calling on key customers.

Within a year, IBM’s sales reversed completely. Huge losses turned into huge profits. The company turned around and again became a giant of American industry.

The Pivotal Skill

At the end of this study, the McKinsey people explained their most important finding: In a sales-driven organization, the sales manager is the pivotal skill. Nothing will bring about faster and more predictable increases in sales performance and sales results than training sales managers to do their job more effectively.

As a sales manager, you are the most important person in the sales-driven organization. You have more influence on the level of sales and, ultimately, the level of profitability of the company than almost any other person. You are vital to the success of the company.

The sales manager is one of the most valuable and often one of the least appreciated executives in the company. It is the sales manager who sets the standards and quotas for the salespeople and sees that they achieve them. The development of excellent sales managers is an essential requirement for all successful business enterprises.

The Journey Begins

Welcome to Sales Management. This book is based on years of experience and study into the attitudes and behaviors of successful sales managers. Throughout the pages ahead, you will learn a series of key ideas, methods, principles, and techniques that you can use, starting immediately, to make your sales force more effective, to produce more sales, to work more harmoniously together, and to advance your own personal career and prestige as rapidly as possible.

Sales management is an inexact science because salespeople are very different from most other employees. A sales manager must be a friend, a counselor, a confidant, a stern taskmaster, and an efficient business-oriented executive, all at the same time.

Salespeople have emotional highs and lows, selling booms and slumps, and a variety of eccentricities that require a person with tremendous patience and superior human relations skills to manage and control them.

The superior sales manager is a person who can mold a variety of different personalities into an effective sales team that can produce predictable and consistent sales results, month after month. Persistent application of the principles taught in this book will allow a sales manager such as yourself to achieve better sales results—starting immediately.

Remember, however, that there are no final answers in dealing with salespeople. There are exceptions to every rule. Because of the complexities of the human personality, an excellent sales manager is always aware that the person facing him across the desk may be an exception, either positive or negative.

With the ideas contained in this book, ambitious sales managers will discover they have more positive, productive people working for them and fewer negative, unproductive people. Let’s begin.


The Role of the Sales Manager

The number one role of the sales manager is to generate the sales that are essential to the survival of the company. The sales manager achieves these sales results by working with and through other salespeople.

One of your most important jobs is to determine the level of sales you want to achieve daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annually. Establish these goals as your targets and then work back to the present day. Decide what you will have to do to hit those targets in those time spans.

To hit your sales quotas, you will have to plan, project, and organize people, resources, budgets, and promotional materials. You must determine the plans of action that you will follow to get from where you are to where you want to go in terms of sales results. The better planner you are, the more successful you will be, irrespective of what is going on in the marketplace.

Another major responsibility you have is to communicate and motivate. You get your work done through other people. Their results are your results. You need to be able to give your people the information, resources, and incentives they need to get their jobs done.

Your next key function is to measure results. One of the most important business principles is this: What gets measured gets done. If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. If you don’t measure it, it’s probably not going to get done at all. That’s why you need clear objectives, standards of performance, and assigned responsibilities for every person.

Choose the Right People

Perhaps your most important job is to select, recruit, and hire good salespeople. Fully 95 percent of your success will be determined by the quality of the people you hire in the first place. We will talk about your selection of salespeople in detail in Chapter 3.

You must teach, train, develop, and build your salespeople so that, no matter how long they stay with you, when and if they leave, they will be more competent, capable, and effective human beings than they were when they arrived.

Your final major responsibility is to determine the resources necessary for you to accomplish all of the above. Your job as a sales manager makes you responsible for setting and achieving sales goals. This means that you have to determine the sales plan, the training materials, the budgets, the rewards, the incentives, and the sales campaigns. You also have to organize the work and prepare forecasts in each case.

Sometimes, some of these jobs will be done for you, and sometimes they will be your responsibility alone, but at the end of the day, results are everything. You have to determine the products you are going to focus on. You must decide which customers and markets you will pursue, how to promote your products and services to those customers, and what sales methodology you will use to give yourself a competitive advantage in today’s market.

Finally, you have to bring your whole team together, explain the entire plan of battle to them, and then provide them with all the resources they need to go out and win sales in tough markets.

The Factory Model

This is a concept that you can use in planning and organizing for success as a sales manager. With this method, you view your sales department or sales team as

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