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Gdpr For Marketers And Online Businesses

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Gdpr For Marketers And Online Businesses

Автор: Sarah Taylor

Длина: 69 стр.43 мин


The digital market has been flourishing quickly for a long time now, and security has always been the main concern when it comes to user data. To control data collection and security of the personal data of European Union residents, the idea of GDPR was arise and, after quite a few years of fine-tuning, has now legitimately been signed into law. GDPR will be imposed on 25 May 2018.

The GDPR will bring about some modifications in data privacy and will affect anybody who is present in the EU, along with any business that handles the data of EU customers, which would include businesses across the world, including the U.S. The goal is to give control back to the people and to guarantee that everyone has the right to consent to the use of data, to be forgotten, and to limit the use of data and seek damages.

In this book we will talk how it impacts businesses, and how organizations can prepare for compliance. Learn how the regulation will impact your marketing strategy and initiatives, and the next steps and action items that will better prepare your organization for GDPR.

•    Understanding GDPR
•    GDPR effects
•    Penalties
•    Managing consent
•    Securing data