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Автор: David Hovgaard

Длина: 366 стр.6 ч


Decades of bad policy and rampant greed take their toll on the American economy. What starts as a mild recession becomes an economic disaster as strategies designed to aid corporations and wealthy elites have predictable results. Hundreds of millions find themselves in desperate financial straits as housing and stock bubbles burst at almost the same moment causing the American system to collapse.
An exponential rise in need overwhelms the social safety net that had been underfunded for decades leaving millions with little or no help. Homeless towns spring up in every major city. Violence erupts when the authorities attempt to deal with the legions of new homeless as they had dealt with the old.
For months an unease truce lay over the land and then as if by magic the homeless begin to disappear. No one seems to know where they are going not even the vaunted CIA.