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The Captain of the Juniper

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The Captain of the Juniper

Автор: Wayne F. Beyea

Длина: 268 стр.4 ч


Brooklyn-born Frank F. Pabst, inspired by a strong desire for independence, excitement, and prosperity, began working as a crewman on a river ship at age eleven, converted a sunken ship's pilothouse into a teenage clubhouse, and plunged into the hold of a sunken tea schooner at the age of thirteen. As part of his love affair with Lake Champlain, Pabst then captained the tour boat Juniper for twenty-five years.

During the course of those twenty-five years, thousands of visitors boarded a vessel more resembling a stout and sturdy tugboat than a pleasure cruise to be greeted by the words, "Ladies and gentlemen, welcome aboard the Juniper." Pabst conveyed a great love for the lake and shared his vast knowledge of the lake's history, including tales of the unsolved mystery of whether a dinosaur-like creature referred to as "Champ", or "Champy," dwells within the lake's depths. Many of them fondly remember their scenic, breathtakingly beautiful cruises with Pabst.

So embark with The Captain of the Juniper on a cruise through the life of a simple man who, through his devotion to the lake, became one of the most beloved and legendary characters in the history of Lake Champlain.