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Beyond Techniques: the 2012 Shift: Evolving from Lightworker to Light

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Beyond Techniques: the 2012 Shift: Evolving from Lightworker to Light

Длина: 232 стр.2 ч


Evolving from being a lightworker (energy healer or conscious evolutionary) to simply being light (source energy) is the way of the new human. The year 2012 is fast approaching, and with it an awakening that has already begun to change the planet. Beyond Techniques- The 2012 Shift is the perfect resource for those who are excited about the changes, who are actively seeking ways to connect to this inevitable yet brilliant time. Beyond Techniques empowers seekers through this human consciousness evolution by easing their way past the ego, erasing the scripts written on the subconscious-so full connection to source through the superconscious can occur. This work takes those that are technique bound beyond their need for works to the required place of simply being. It is a guide to becoming and staying in vibration harmony as the earth shifts into 2012. Discover how to anchor your lightbody to become homo luminous, and how to communicate with the language of light! One touch healing and one thought manifesting is our birthright and our very soon reality.

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