Electromass: The Same Principles at Every Scale

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Electromass: The Same Principles at Every Scale

Автор: Justin Sandburg

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Длина: 83 стр.48 мин


"A new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light; a new generation grows up that is familiar with it." - Max Plank

"The choice is the Universe, or nothing." - H. G. Wells

When the Laws of Physics are observed to have been violated, it is not a scietist's job to explain the violation by creating new forces and keeping the Laws; it is the scientist's job to question and even abandon those Laws. - Justin Sandburg

"Without expansion, our observations actually become harder to explain without inventing new physics. We have to be careful in which context this is used. Expansion is consistent with General Relativity and doesn't require new physics to describe it. Accelerating expansion, on the other hand, does!" - Anonymous

"Chemistry ignores everything inside the valence shell, even though the space between the electrons and the nucleus cause emission which is unique even for atoms of the same valance. I couldn't help but make the connection to the very large emission in the observational study of the Universe." - Justin Sandburg

Well the future looks bright indeed! I am not sure how anyone can read that and not come away with a much richer, more fulfilling, and far more interesting view of the universe we reside in. It is all right there, in your face, and all you have to do is take a halfway decent look at it and it becomes obvious..." -Anonymous

"Some form on ultra dense compact matter may be the dynamo in forming the stable jets that reform galaxies such as the "cartwheel" and dual and quad jets that we can observe. These stable jets are responsible for the evolution and form of not only their galaxy but distant galaxies. This paper is quite interesting." -Anonymous

"I have read your book quickly and it deserves another read. Good effort!... to take someone from the very basics of physics and expose them to... I applaud your effort." - Anonymous

"Why has it taken this long to arrive at such a logical deduction? It makes so much more sense, really." - Anonymous

"The question is: what is mass really a function of? This is where ideas like electromass come in. I totally dig this idea...." -Anonymous

"So we have to admit that there are no absolutes. Only differences. And it is the differences that mean things, not the similarities (although they are not completely worthless). (Funny how, as a society, we are made to conform and so minimize differences where as everything else relies on seeing differences and making use of them" -Anonymous

"Time/line differentials are hardly mainstream physics." -Anonymous