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Captured Moments in Time: And Songs from the Heart

Captured Moments in Time: And Songs from the Heart

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Captured Moments in Time: And Songs from the Heart

122 pages
1 hour
May 10, 2005


This book is designed to give the reader more of an understanding of what has prompted the writer to create these proses. This book motivates the reader to stop and think about things. Understanding what motivated the writer to put the words together to create these poems makes the experience long lasting and appreciates your past better. We each grew up with challenges. How we handled them, how we remember them, how they changed our behavior and thinking process is the differences that can push a person into writing to heal. Each time you read what she wrote you are moved to a deeper understanding of her life and her journey through it all.

May 10, 2005

Об авторе

Before Colleen could write she fell in love with poetry through the songs she sang at church. The words moved her mentally and gave her direction in her thoughts. Having journeyed through some tough times and personal challenges she began to write to bring some direction and clarity to her everyday life.   Today she continues to capture moments in time. Her thoughts surround the moment and she is filled with words she is compelled to write down. Many times the understanding of what she writes becomes clear some time later.  The words seem to fit a moment of time in her life or someone around her.  

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Captured Moments in Time - Colleen Dione Taylor-Rowe

© 2005 Colleen Dione Taylor-Rowe. All Rights Reserved.

No part of this book may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted by any means without the written permission of the author.

First published by AuthorHouse 05/16/05

ISBN: 1-4208-5043-1 (e)

ISBN: 1-4208-5042-3 (sc)

ISBN: 1-4208-5041-5 (dj)

ISBN: 9781420850437 (ebk)

Printed in the United States of America

Bloomington, Indiana

Dedication Page

I would like to dedicate this collection of work to everyone who contributed to its content by way of inspiration and to everyone who encouraged me to forge ahead despite what others might say. Listed are a few I wish to acknowledge; Judy Peoples, Helen Asbury, Jennifer Harris, Hazel Binkley, Kelly Campbell, Carol McElroy, Theresa Thomas, Don and Gayle Tilley, Daniel Gray and Sharon Ruzzica their words of encouragement have helped keep me on track and kept me motivated to finish this project. To my Daughter Siobhan Rowe-Urbina, my sister Katherine Wooten, her husband Michael (my editor extraordinaire) and their daughter Jade, my loving aunt Elsie Draper, Amy Jennings, Michael Dechambeau, Steve Cordell, Carlos Padilla and my brother David Taylor, for their constant abiding love, letting me bend their ears, use their editing skills and their words of encouragement. To my therapist, teacher, guidance counselors and mentors; Oprah Winfrey, Dr. Phil McGraw, Gary Zukof, Iyanla Vanzant, Dr. Bradshaw and Colleen Thom. They gave me a reason, my voice and the tools to pull it together and make it through this lifetime with a smile and the knowledge that I am loved. With out them I would have never made it to print.

To all of you who have a copy of my work I thank you very much for your support by purchasing a copy of my work, enjoy.


Dedication Page

A Battered Child’s Cry

A Father’s Love

As I Journey On


Captured Moments

Catherine with a K


December 31, 1999

Efforts Wasted


Full Circle

God’s Color


I Looked Up and You Were There

I Wish You Were Here

I’d Rather Spend This Day With You

January 24, 1999

Jealously Cost Dearly

Kindered Spirits


Let’s Play Chicken

Message from 40.7128 Latitude 74.0092 Longitude

My Computer

My Creed

My Partner

My Reunion

My Teenager

My Thoughts


Over The Hill

Planet X

Quick Silver

Reconnection of our Souls

Silent Power

Temptation: The Gift

Thanksgiving Day

The Dancer

This New Love

To See The Light

Tom Foolery

Unconditional Love


Wishes From The Heart

X’s and O’s

Yanni’s Dream of a Lifetime

Yesterday Dear with X’s and O’s

Yes I Am

Yes, I Will



Prime-time TV in the 50’s and 60’s was rife with examples of the model family. There were the Nelsons, the Stones, and who can forget the Cleavers.

The television networks of that era presented these families as role models for the American family, and headed them with quintessential parents whom the troubled youngster seemed to always seek help from in solving some sort of moral dilemma, which occurred at the beginning of the show or sometime shortly thereafter. Upon hearing the youngster’s rendition of the dilemma, one or both of the parents would dish out some tidbit of advice (that your own parents reticently or overtly agreed with), which the youngster would later use to make the right choice, and we’d get to hear them verbally reflect on the lesson(s) they learned.

I know the network producers of those TV family shows intended for me to hear the Beaver’s verbally reflects, but I didn’t pay much attention because my problems weren’t like his. My main problem was dealing with problems my parent’s parents had passed on to them, which didn’t fit nicely into a 30-minute episode. But ironically, I did conclude my multi-year episode with some non-verbal reflections on the lessons I learned, which it is now safe for me to express in the following few choice words, and subsequent poems:

• Don’t make your parent’s issues, your (and your children’s) issues It might sound odd, but children today learn about parenting before they become adults. Children should be encouraged to not grow up fast. If this line of thinking was adopted, we’d have much less perpetuation of parental issues, and more parents willing to embrace the uniqueness in their children.

• Don’t internalize family issues to the point that you can’t get on with your own life. Dysfunction, child neglect and abuse are family issues that you should always try to leave in the past. It is very important that you be able to separate your feelings about yourself and your siblings, from what your family thinks or says about you. Your family is not everyone, and as helpful (or harmful) as they are, you are still the only one that can be you.

• Look for the uniqueness in yourself and others Uniqueness is a principle characteristic of anything deemed valuable or priceless. The unique things about you were put there to help distinguish you from others, and give you the opportunity to indeed be priceless.

• Look for life lessons in the bad times as well as the good ones. A church friend once told me that there can be no testimony, without a test. She basically meant that you need to experience some not so good things in order to appreciate and understand what a good thing is.

Like a lot of people, I had a childhood filled with family issues that continued to affect me into adulthood. Some of these issues stem from guilt trips that were laid on us by a parent or sibling, but others are far more physically and psychologically demoralizing. This first poem attempts to erase some of the residue of this later category of issues. It was derived from a letter that I wrote

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