Inside My Heart a Fire Is Always Burning

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Inside My Heart a Fire Is Always Burning

Автор: Stanley R. From

Длина: 224 стр.2 ч


One of the biggest challenges in life is to develop the ability to deal with frustration; to tolerate disappointment, and to draw from such experience a positive result. Millions of people face disappointment every day. Friendships evaporate overnight, job promotions are extended to others, continuous efforts to connect with available women end in rejection and inner emotional turmoil. College applications end in polite; Thank you for contacting us rebuttals, neighbors become less hospitable over local issues, and children clash with parents over numerous issues concerning growth and maturation. People look to their local pharmacies for miracle cures, seek out skilled therapists upon which to share their numerous anxieties, or relate to close friends; sworn to secrecy; their doubts, sufferings, and apprehensive feelings about the future. Improvement comes about only through change; a realization that the status quo doesnt bring about the required results anymore. People have different viewpoints on change. Some fear it completely; some accept it conditionally; some embrace it completely; while others navigate along a path of partial acceptance until the day finally arrives when they become masters of the situation. People often misunderstand the actions of others, run away from responsibility, or find themselves in total isolation due to medical problems not discovered at an early age of their development. Change occurs in everyones life to a degree. Frustration is the emotional barrier which motivates or defeats the personal desire for fulfillment. Compositions in this book deal with the challenges of life. Many roads are available. Some are traveled on more than others. Let us begin the journey.