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How Romantic, Passionate or Intimate Are You?: Eating Will Give You a Clue!

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How Romantic, Passionate or Intimate Are You?: Eating Will Give You a Clue!

Автор: Janet Horbas

Длина: 41 стр.25 мин


How Romantic, Passionate or Intimate are you ?

Eating will give you a clue

This book was written by Janet Horbas and came about not in a scientific way, not as an expert, but as someone who has knowledge gained over 40 years of observation and 30 years of counseling. This she believes gives her the ability to write with experience and know-how. It will surprise you at how ones character is revealed in the dining experience. You cant help but get a glimpse of others more clearly and also get a clearer understanding of yourself. It will be amazing to you as you watch and are able to spot different character traits through how a person eats and chooses food.

Janet Horbas is single and lives in British Columbia, Canada. She is a mother of 4, a grandmother of 8 and a great grandmother of 6. A woman of passion and zeal for life, who loves romance and wants to see intimacy come back into our dining experiences. She loves people, reads romantic faith based novels and is a Speaker and Teacher. She has a biography, Set Free, Sent Forth which is out of print, and she has written many articles over 30 years.

You can contact the author jintimate@hotmail.com