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Welcome to My Humble Abode: A Book of Poetry

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Welcome to My Humble Abode: A Book of Poetry

Автор: Tyler P. Love

Длина: 60 стр.17 мин


Tyler P. Love was born into a home filled with suppressed emotions and pain. Following his parents divorce, he resorted to drugs, alcohol, and, eventually, one failed suicide attempt. He felt broken, lost, and alone until he found poetry. The written word became his emotional outlet; it also paved the road to his recovery.

Welcome to My Humble Abode is a collection of Loves early and more recent poetry, arranged as a piercing look into the mind of a troubled teen. As an adolescent, Love experienced love and lost it. He experienced the deaths of those close to him. He has suffered through depression and survived, with the aid of poetry.

Troubled children are not alone. There are always others who have gone through similar tough times, and Love is a prime example. He thought he was alone until he found poetry. No child should ever suffer without hope, so this is what Loves words attempt to give. They reach out to heal. They reach out to embrace.