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Restored Dreams

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Restored Dreams

Автор: Toni Noel

Длина: 294 стр.4 ч


Her roof leaks, the plumbing, too. But on a teacher's salary, Treasure Montgomery cannot afford to pay the taxes on the grand Victorian house she inherited from the great-aunt who raised her, let alone pay for the needed repairs. Seeking fulfillment in an otherwise empty life, Treasure surrounds herself with other people's children.

Until she meets Buck.

The retired rodeo rider turned philanthropic-contractor donates his labor to anyone who needs a helping hand, spending his father's fortune to make amends for the man's ill-gotten gains. He wants to help, but prideful Treasure refuses to accept Buck's charity.

He persists. She resists, so Buck circumvents Treasure's objections through subterfuge. Then she learns the truth -- her new roof cost far more than planned. Fearing Buck will demand her house in payment, she empties her bank account, pays him and sends him packing.

If she would only open her heart to him, Buck might be the answer to restoring more than just her home.

178 pages