Christian Mother

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Christian Mother

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In the Practical Christian Mother series, mothers are prodded to grow closer to God as they care for their families. This is volume 3

Volumes include:

How to Have a Consistent Quiet Time- Vol. 1

Time Management for Christian Mothers – Vol.2

How to Hear God for Christian Mothers- Vol. 3

How to Raise Children that Hunger After God- Vol. 4

          "Hey mom did you wash my sweat suit?" "Mom where are my ballet shoes?" "Hon, have you seen my blue tie?" "Mom, when will dinner be ready?" These are the cries heard in many households all the time. Mothers answer them everyday. However, there is a cry that is not as loud as these yet occurs in every Christian home. .There is a greater cry that moms are often unable to answer.

          "Come fellowship with me". Come commune with me". Come and languish in my anointing". These are the cries of the Father that moms hear and desire to answer, but are not always able to respond to immediately. Imagine the frustration of hearing the cry from the Creator and not being able to answer. I do not mean to suggest that moms do not spend any time in meaningful fellowship with the Lord. They do, but often the stress and time consuming tasks of managing a home and everything else crowds out  quality time  with the Lord..

          Often, in exasperation moms accept lost time with the Lord as the norm rather than the exception. When you think about it, hearing from God is of paramount importance especially when you are called to the awesome responsibility of managing  and nurturing a family. It requires a consistent and intimate relationship with the Lord.    

          I believe Cheryl to be the ideal mom to address this issue. Since the birth of our first child I have seen Cheryl identify and deal with this issue head on. Utilizing practical ideas and personal self-determination Cheryl has successfully nurtured a consistent and a deeply committed personal relationship with the Lord. At the same time she has poured herself into our children, nurturing them spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically and at the same time.  In essence, Cheryl has chased after God and the kids too and has caught up, and is now running along side of both!  - Derek Carter, Intentional Dad