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Feng Shui Your Mind: Life Coach for Abundance

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Feng Shui Your Mind: Life Coach for Abundance

Автор: J.J. Lupi

Длина: 337 стр.2 ч


To balance predestination and free will, man and women must deal with heaven luck and earthly matters to achieve abundance and happiness.

As a Life Management Tool, Feng Shui your Mind is an innovation in Life Coach. It will give you together the tools and secrets of coaching, dealing with western rational mind, with the Eastern Awareness of subtle energies and unconscious influences, to attract abundance, quality of life and personal well-being in a very easy and friendly way.

How is my destiny and my life path?
How do I better choose my relations and human network?
How can I deal with my children and my ancestors?
What is the best attitude to raise my income, and abundance?
How do my house, my workplace, my friends, my environment, help me?
How can I improve and evaluate every area of my life?
When is the best time to act? When is the best time to retreat?

Feng Shui adds to the conventional approach of Life Coaching, your physical and human environment together with your destiny and fortune, managing Time and Space, thus providing you,

A Matrix to check and fix your life, experimented through centuries,
How to know myself and my partners,
How to setup and choose my environment, to support me.

With Neuro Feng Shui, access a world of Personal Power, Liberation and Co-Creation of a Great Life!