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Автор: Deepak Chalise

Длина: 169 стр.1 ч


It is written in form of poetry , but has collected various real aspect of life,I chose the name " Cassandra" for the book. It defines a person who speaks true regarding the present and future life but no body trust upon him. Distresses of women,
wonders about natural aspect, significance of beauty black, how a just born child knows to suck the milk from mother,what can be done hiding , urge to leave to make weapons, importance to preserve natural environment, important of hands towards pities, simple should be the way of life, man is not like man, secrets of hearts, why people lie? tenderness of humanity, importance of imagination, value of life in reality, mystery cannot be solved needs acceptance.importance of quenching of thirst and hunger,
limitation of science,travelling of minds,grieve of cancer, about nimble fingers,blowing of mind, oh! darling it describes itself,
nature is rigid,worries of migration, praise of beauty, realisation of life.

The book cassandra has tried to deliver a stern message to understand life with exact genre.Between ups and downs, life runs as a current of river.In between there are many aspects ,which man can modify buy wisdom and knowledge .Many are not in the control of conscience. There are some supremacy to govern us ,from which we can not evade and elope. Our validities may put us meticulously but ignores of nature balances it.

We are free to manipulate the circumstances which appears, but the irony fact and stony system under the observation of governance of infinity are basics to rectify its obliged strong cracy , rules us . There are some vibrant aspects which we should bear
politely or defying.Human beings have no reach out of the subliminal programme.

The book has centred to diffuse some such powerful acceptances by hearts to put stress to realise, and many others are covered with funnier thoughts.