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The Spirit of America Party

The Spirit of America Party

Автором Tom O’Donnell

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The Spirit of America Party

Автором Tom O’Donnell

435 pages
6 hours
May 31, 2011


Fourteen chapters will touch on the decline and fall of the American Spirit. From the defeat of our war on drugs to the greatest military defeat ever visited upon American soil 9-1-1

While politicians danced on their party platform shouting we are the strongest nation on the face of the earth. The box cutter of terror was being sharpened in a cave in the Hindu Kush.

An over medicated nation preoccupied with Academy award winners that failed to hear the giant steps of fire worshipers. Osama Bin Laden has taught the Moslem world that the United States is a paper tiger and our giant war ships can be sunk by a dinghy.

A Nation who has lost touch with its roots and is ripe for Europeanization. Supreme court judges who want us to be ruled by The Hague.

Communism has temporarily failed in the Soviet Union but has found a wet nurse in US liberalism.

The media controls the mind of many and is a willing accomplice to the lies and charades of the demoncrat party.

The American military is the last shred of American decency left and has more enemies in the USA than in the world.

Religion has been downsized and replaced with Oscar worship. Abortion claims two victims. The mother and the child. Both are harmed by two villains. The politician and the butcher.

Special interest groups have to be driven out of the senate auction house. The largest campaign contribution in any form should not be greater than one dollar.

Housewives should have to approve the budget. The three biggest killers of the spirit of America are drugs, divorce and demoncrats.

The CYA, the FIB, the State department and the Pentagon all need a make over. They all failed us on 911.

The first casualty should be PC lawyers. We need wartime consulters. It is not Bush's job to get Bin Laden it is theirs.

Anyone who thinks that this war will not last at least ten more years is living under false pretenses.

Going to Iraq has given us a forward staging area for the invasion of Iran. A great strategic move. We bypassed all the minefields from the UN to Paris to Turkey to Saudi.

Soon all who witnessed the greatness of the United States will be gone and the liars will rewrite history. This book will bring you home to a God Loving Nation of Dads and Moms who kept freedom alive and snatched victory from the jaws of defeat.

Never forget you are a special breed. You are an American and the spirit of America is the great spirit. The red in the banner is for blood spilled for you and me by young people who gave up all their tomorrows so we could stand together and keep the vow.

You will enjoy the New York 50's humor. You will get sentimental. You will get good flashbacks. You will see this country in the eyes of one who saw how great we were.

Yet poor by monetary standards but rich in children and oneness in love. We were the servants yet we were kings. We were drug free. We tried to be better. We kept the vow. We served God and country in war and peace.

May 31, 2011

Об авторе

Born in New York city of Scotch/Irish parents. Catholic educated is a first generation American. Still married to his first wife and has four ugly children. Volunteering for the draft at age 18, He served in the US Army Fourth Armored Division in Germany. He is a small businessman and has been to and does business in the GCC countries. He was the first small business to arrive in Kuwait in 1993. He has a general knowledge of Arabic culture having formed a trading partnership in Kuwait with a company where a woman was the largest stockholder. He considers himself to be an average American and wrote this book to let his fellow Americans, whom he calls the silenced majority know they are not alone. His greatest fear is that the high school kids will become the tea boys of international masters, who will take their place in the universities, that they will never see.

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The Spirit of America Party - Tom O’Donnell



Chapter 1

Chapter Two

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Chapter 10

Chapter 11

Chapter 12

Chapter 13





It is time for a two party system again.

Sixty to ninety Million Americans gave up voting.

We lost the war on drugs 50 years’ ago.

The government is filthy rich especially New York City.

Afghanistan and Iraq were the strokes of genius that no one knew.

When the majority commits murder, it becomes the law of the


Pornowood is Bin Laden’s next target.

Two threats that stop a communist take over.

Hunters and Boy Scouts.

In the fifties one out of three popular songs had God in them.

The three D’s of National destruction. Drugs,

Divorce and Demoncrats.

Panty waste Republicans (re-puppies) can’t fight devious


Only women can save the nation.

No God No Country.

Guns don’t kill people. Electric Guitar players do.

Everything you ever wanted to know about Catholics.

Why the draft is inevitable.

Why you can’t appoint a woman as ambassador to Chador City.

Let’s talk about the CYA, the FIB and the Pentagoonians.

Why it is vital to the National conscience to pay a one million-dollar combat zone death benefit. Also, $500,000 per loss of each limb/vital organ.

Foreplay word. (Forward)

Greetings from Captain Boycott. You will find that I like to play on words. For example the definition of a fakir is Etymology: Arabic faqir, Date: 1609 : ‘Fakir: IMPOSTOR; especially : SWINDLER.

This is the best description of Osama bin Laden. He is the mother of all fakirs.

He is a mother fakir.

I am setting the book up to cover 14 chapters. If you enjoy a joke, a song, love of God and country. There is one waiting for you in each chapter. I used to be a couch potato. I did my time. Served my country. Did the family thing. Had my own business and was about to lie back and kick off my shoes.

Then I turned on the TV and realized the country had been taken over by the gray poopon communists. I could not believe my eyes. I had to be sedated just to change channels.

All the hookers we used to slip around and see after dark were now celebrities. Guys were talking about reparations for slavery. Male children were being ritalinculed. News papers were printing the Groucho Marx manifesto. The pledge of Allegiance was being edited by the flag burners of the nation. The fighting flag of the south was attacked by squirts who never served either side. Jesse Jackson bombed Toyota and forced them to surrender eight billion dollars in reparations. We bought it and we paid for it. We got it Toyota. Big American corporations were being sacked by greedy lawyers and CEO’s. Capitalism was a dirty word. Usually spoke by Columbia graduates who denounced their parents for being too materialistic. The same Mom and Dad who paid the forty G’s a year plus the rent. Then got to see the family prize on girls gone wild. Working for beads. Then it all came together on 911. The flag burners of record. The forty-eight senators who voted to burn the flag 40 days before.

The one hundred and thirty Five-Viet Conga Line Grease Mice who also voted to burn, fifty five days before, were accusing a freely elected cowboy of knowing this was all going to happen. That is when I took a good hard look at how wide open we were.

Unlike WWII when the American people put everything aside and formed the greatest military-industrial power the world had ever seen. They actually blackened the skies with aircraft. In four years they conquered the world and left it a better place before heading home to raise a family, build a business and live in the peace they won. We inherited that legacy. Then like the prodigal son and daughter we turned against the father. Including God the Father.

Today we are the Romans at the games enjoying the wicked pastimes while the next conqueror infiltrates the city. In my fathers time no aggressor ever touched American soil. The closest call was Pearl Harbor and in the Aleutians. Today the enemy uses our own planes and credit cards to kill us and the best we can do is turn on our own military and form committees after lunch. President Bush’s biggest mistake upon taking office was not to throw out the flag burning leftovers. They all came back to haunt US. Eventually he had to replace them anyway.

THIS BOOK IS DEDICATED TO THE ONES I LOVE. My GOD, My family and my countrymen minus the traitors. Let US start with a warrior’s song: US Marine Corps Band - US Marines’ Hymn. Dedicated to all the Military, those true sons of liberty and the daughters of the revolution. We are the Only Nation in history who succeeded in declaring independence from Europe and made the grade. We wrote the book on revolution and God help those who force us to pay back terrorism. Everybody thinks they can make a revolution but few can maintain it. The Russian revolution is over in Russia. It got off on the wrong foot when the Pro Choice butchers murdered the Romanoff children.

China’s revolution is going capitalist. Now they are buying American oil Companies and politicians with American dollars. The French revolution was inspired by us. Unfortunately the French took the wrong side again and killed the wrong people. The Irish uprising of 1798 was inspired by both France and America. Such bravery against insurmountable odds showed a spirit in feats and songs that are sung today. No one ever wrote a song about Nathan Hale but the Irish to this day sing about the croppy boy with no name. He died at the hands and in the same way under the same general as Nathan Hale. Fidel’s liberation of Cuba lasted about ten minutes. Now the Cuban people live under the poverty boot of the conqueror who tells them I did it all for you.

The difference between US and them is the Spirit of America.

PLAY My Country ‘Tis of Thee.mp3

You can be any nationality, any color but if you don’t have that Great Spirit, you are not an American. Twenty-five percent was all who had the spirit that won the American Revolution. All the rest were Demoncrats.

Just when we think, we have no real leaders left. God wakes us up.

That is why I believe in two Resurrections. The spiritual and the political. Just like the Irish rose on Easter Sunday to throw off the yoke of subjugation. We too will rise again to prevent the burning of our flag by enemies foreign and domestic. The best way to rise up and strike for your God and country which are inseparable is in the voting booth. We must change the mix in 2006.Why would you leave your children unprotected and allow judges to free their stalkers? How can you allow money changers wearing Gucci shoes to visit your seat of government, calling on the very people you elected, with gifts and treasures? As if a Senator was a Sultan.

Like I said, I elected to devote 14 chapters to tell you what is on my mind. I hope you get the message. Who knows maybe one day we can elect an American chosen by all the people instead of the lesser of two Demoncrats.

I hope you enjoy the Spirit of America party. Here is our preliminary platform.

1- $10.00 a Bbl. Oil World Wide. Like it was in 1998 before Jihad taxes.

2-1,000,000 fewer Abortions in the USA per Year. Can’t we save one Kid?

3-Better Treatment for Poor American Indian Tribes who serve as Warriors and never complain. Land Swaps under Treaty for Better Lands.

4-Increase in Income for Police and Military. One million dollar combat zone death benefit. $500,000 Per loss of each limb/vital organ.

5-Immigration Slowdown until We Regain Control of the Flow.

6-Complete Elimination of Drugs in the USA. Watch the crime rate plummet.

7-Use Indian Tribes to Patrol the Borders. Do Not Pay for Scalps only Beards.

8-Full Tax Deduction for Religious Education. Religious people pay twice for education.

9-A One Year Draft for All at Age 19. Happy Birthday.

10-Down Payment Guaranteed Loan $100,000 for Home Buying or Small Business Venture or Education. This requires One Year of Military Service.

10a-Anyone who has served in the war on terror can walk into any American University and demand their free up front seat.

11-Take Care of Our Own First Full Time.

12-Stop Buying Friends.

13-All Foreign Language Stations must, have English Subtitles. We need everybody to speak one common language. The one that is on the Declaration of Independence that was signed and dated this fourth day of July in the year of our Lord 1776.

14. Basic Foreign Language Training for All Military Personnel.

15. Free Binoculars for Everybody on the East Coast and a profiling chart.

16-All Media Has to Display the Flag and Play the Star-Spangled Banner Once a Day.

17-The Pledge of Allegiance Has to Be Said in All Work Places, Events, Schools and Rock Concerts. Mickey Jug head can only sing in prune commercials.

18- The Pledge of Allegiance Has to Begin with In the Name of the Father.

19-The Great White Father in Washington Could Have a Nice Tan.

20. If You Offend Anybody under First Amendment Pretenses, You must Wear Size 29 Clown Shoes Forever Including Bed.

21-All Politicians Have to Take a Lie Detector Test Immediately before and after Campaign Speeches.

22-Bring Back the Two Party System.

23-One Term Only, for All Politicians. Really Serve Your County. Minimum wage no overtime. No Perks. We Will Keep the Trillions.

24-One American, One Vote, (Even though I believe one military vote should count as ten.) One dollar Champaign contribution MAXIMUM.

The party’s over. Pick a Subject Any Subject. Have a Chuckle. Shed a Tear. Say a Prayer. Basic Themes You Will Find Throughout: Save the Kids, Drugs suck, Less Abortions, And … Please Vote out of Office Every Politician Who Voted to Burn the Flag. Including Those Who Abstained (The Worst). You Can Check the Voting Record and it is also Listed in this Book. You Don’t Want Your life in their hands.

Chapter one Drugs Suck.-It’s hip to be square.

Chapter two. Terrorism.- My son, Macushla,  In Dreams.

Chapter three. Flag burners of record.-Patriot Games Star-Spangled Banner.

Chapter four. Save the kids. Lamb of GOD

Chapter five. The Catholic church-You are Mine.

Chapter six-9-11-Danny Boy. Navy Hymn. Amazing Grace.

Chapter seven Intelligence-Secret Agent Man.

Chapter eight-Bring back the draft-Americano

Chapter nine-American fun da mentalism-Pub with no beer

Chapter ten-Oil Crisis Why don’t you right.

Chapter 11-$$ Support the troops - Minstrel boy-When Johnny Comes Marching Home. Back in the USA.

Chapter 12-say Good-Bye to Hollywuss-Billy Joel

Chapter 13- WOMEN-True love ways. One great love.

Chapter 14-Let’s Roll-War Chant. Honesty. Mambo.

Chapter 1

Drugs Suck -PLAY Huey Lewis and the News - Hip to be Square.

In war time many brave men die. They wanted to live more than anyone. For them we have monuments and hollowed grounds and walls. At any given time there are people who have everything to live for. Yet they choose to impose self inflicted wounds which eventually lead to death. The morgues are full of junkies who thought weed leads no where and they can handle the strain. They also die where they fall. Usually for junkies it is in the bathroom.


Please do not smoke the perpetual care plant.

If you wipe out drugs, you immediately wipe out 80% of all crimes committed in the USA. So where is the will to win? Hey Snort face Remember me when you do terrorist drugs.

In 1985, special agent Enriques. Kiki Camarena of the Drug Enforcement Administration was kidnapped in Guadalajara, Mexico, and killed by drug traffickers. Shortly after Camarena’s death, citizens from his hometown of Calexico, California began to wear red ribbons to remember him and to commemorate his sacrifice.

The drug problem in the USA is our greatest problem but no one will admit it.

It is the deep dark secret of America. The skeleton hiding in the American closet. Everybody is affected one way or another.

Stay home and mind the children from ages 7-12 because that is your only window of opportunity to save your kids from drugs. The peasants in drug producing countries are working day and night to keep our kids and their parents high. If tomorrow America discovered, sniffing horse manure was a superb high, the barns would be full of Americans. Not to mention the ones chasing down the trotters or hanging around the winner’s circle. We have become a nation of junkies led by Hollywood and presidents.

Every movie and TV event is pushing product. Dope jokes sell products. Rehab has an 85% failure rate. Once a junkie always a junkie. Save the kids before they do the first one. 7-12 years old is your only chance. The rest are dead already. The only way to beat drugs is never do the first one. The drug czar has failed. The first mistake was the title czar. We all know what happened to the czar. When I was growing up in Washington Heights, now the drug center of NYC. Yuppies came over the George Washington bridge to buy their social drugs and the cops picked them right out. Reverse racial profiling. What’s a yuppie doing in a ghetto?

When I was growing up. There were only three known junkies in my world … Edgar Allen Poe, Gene Krupa and Herman Goering. I saw my first junkie on 137th st. and Amsterdam Ave. He was waiting for his pusher to bring his fix. A young Spanish guy neatly dressed in a nice suit. He was sweating on a winter day and his skin was yellow. He was waiting to get well. Rule number one: you will never get Columbians to kill their own for American boys and girls who want to experiment. So save that money. Take a look at the drug culture icons they all die on the toilet. Sorry Elvis but the truth hearses. The same with Jimmy, John, Janis, and the cast of Saturday night dead. So having lost the war on dope heads, the dope heads now want to legalize it.

Drunkenness is beastly and I can’t stand drunks. I hate the mood swings from laughter to tears to violence to tears to laughter. But I will take a drunk any day to a junkie. Junkies lie, cheat, steal, murder and recruit new junkies. Modern day vampires. As for Rehab, we pick up the tab. Let them wander in the desert for 40 years. They destroy love and the will to love. They would sell their mothers whom they no longer recognize. Stay soft on drugs and watch your world collapse. I lived with drunks and junkies and drunkies live longer. They also occasionally sober up. At least you can hear the drunkies coming with the bottles and cans banging together.

So to me a guy who scores a Budweiser is safer to live with then a joint passer. The sad thing is that today drunkies are mixing beer and coke.

A death cocktail that kills families. The only thing that stops drugs is you. No programs, no border patrols. Just little ol you. Like the Greeks say Nothing to excess. Just remember when you are passing the bomber around. That one mans food is another mans poison. You may be genetically equipped to contain a need for alcohol or drugs but you may be signing your best friend’s death warrant, but if you are a junkie already than that’s no big deal.

Next time you get high with your so-called friends. Think about a young man I knew who OD on heroin and while he was dying his good friends all fled so as not to be implicated. They left him nude in the park and some people say that when the police arrived he was still alive. Later he was ID by his broken hearted father at the morgue. So he went from OD to ID. At the wake the family was outnumbered by visiting junkies who wanted to check it out, in a neighborhood, that only a few years before only saw junkies on the silver screen. Man with the Golden Arm.

People talk about slavery in America, yes it is still here and the new Massa is the dealer and his slaves pay him to be slaves gladly. A nameless entertainer, Another candidate for the cocaine hall of fame. He died on the couch. He could not make it to the throne of drug addiction. Play his tunes but not the ones that promote drugs. Drugs is death.

Say a prayer and say adios to another guy who thought pot can be controlled. What did DR? Timothy Leary say? Turn on, tune out, drop dead? Never trust guys named Leary. Remember the cow that started the Chicago fire.? Funeral homes are considering setting up drug wakes. Where a junkie in control of his life can OD in the front row. The pall bearers can just plop him in the coffin and start the festivities.

Rehab should be running the taxpayer gauntlet. Then do 40 days in the desert with a bottle of New York water. Self inflicted wounds should not be covered by anybody. Indirectly drugs kill innocent bystanders just think of blood transfusions. A junkie sold his blood to get money for drugs. If you truly want to live la Boca Vita. Live free from drugs forever. Don’t do the first one. The morgues and cemeteries are full of people who could handle the situation. Skip the first one and live good forever.

Arthur Ashe was murdered by Aids carriers. He was innocent and a great role model. They turned him into a stamp. Most druggies can’t take a hint.

There is a bridge from Bahrain to Saudi Arabia. When you pass through, the toll receipt says the penalty for drugs is death. Well that’s the truth.

Drugs are truly death. But even in Saudi there are Rehab units because no one can stop the sale but the buyer. So put the money on the non users and keep them non users.

If you want to sign for a let’s legalize pot candidate like George Soros, who tried to buy Nevada. Here is how it’s done. When they say, they are for legalizing weed after they win. Put two fingers to your roach lips and rapidly suck wind, then fake needle sticking your arm, then fold your arms on top of your chest and close your eye’s coffin style.

The only good pot is made of aluminum. So come on baby light my Teflon. Have you seen the tomb to the unknown junkie? Know only to his pusher Speaking of pushers. Comedians do drug endorsements. Two of the funniest guys have killed a lot of people. Dave Chappelle who is blowing his career big time and the Timothy Leary of campus comedy gorgeous George Carlin. You see what he looks like now? That’s not just drugs. He did not drink his milk either. Carlin has acknowledged having battled cocaine addiction in the 1980s but said he quit on his own by tapering off the drug. He also has suffered three heart attacks. How do you battle coke addiction? Do you go ten rounds with the bowl? Do you hit the dime bag? I got ten bucks that say he dies on the toilet.

You know why he is drinking heavy? Because he just saw the faces of all the dead kids, he sold dope to in his comedy routine. Dope jokes are drug marketing. You can play roach roulette but someone is going down. George is a sorry survivor. How about you tough guys? Drugs suck, drugas suckas. Please don’t smoke the perpetual care plant. Want more proof that one junkie brings down five good people?

Next time silly comedian boys are telling dope jokes. Think about Terri and Damien. Painkillers and possible heroin addicts. They shared a $300.00 a day everyday habit. They robbed their parents. They spent $58,000.00 of car accident money to stay high. They were old timers. She was 22 and he was 26. That’s old for junkies. They got evicted, out of money. They took the Amtrak train, head on. I guess they did not stick to the pot only schedule. But that is not going to be you right? Because you are smarter than that.

You plan to get off the drug train at Pot St. But the express train does not make local stops. These two dreamers were only going together a year. Now they are gone forever and only a memory in their parent’s prayers. The dope man has to find their replacements to meet his sales quota. Whassup?

Booze is cheaper and lushes live to be 80 and they have nice bar room liver tans and the most they steal is tip money. You can also hear them coming when they recycle cans and bottles. Drugs suck forever. Do you know a Terri and Damien? It is only a guess but the worst pedophile priest has destroyed 500 innocent lives and must be punished.

But drug pedophilia is encouraged by comedians who use jokes to sell dope destroying the lives of millions.

Every time a comedian sells/tells a dope joke a window on the TV should open up and the death count by drugs, the Rehab count by drugs and the cost to society for carrying dead wood, those numbers should be flashed on the screen. Ha who’s laughing now?

The hot issue of News Weak. Kurk Cocaine diaries. Dear diary, I do drugs I die. End of story. Do you think he started with a controlled substance? When did he lose control? Maybe he just needed medical marijuana. He was a legend. So was puff the magic dragon.

Dear diary, I met a guy today. A family man. He likes golf. He has a wife and two kids. How’s business? He replies I went bankrupt. What happened? We made last year a net profit of $120,000 dollars. What happened? My wife developed a cocaine habit. We lost everything but she is ok for now. Count your blessings Mr. drug free. Heroin is making a comeback. There is no coming back from heroin. Remember Uncle Tom says one junkie brings down five innocent people. A sniper can’t hit that many at once on average. Pot is the kindergarten class drug. The only way to be sure you are drug immune is never doing the first one.

If good drugs have bad, side affects what side affects do bad drugs have? Watch the good drug adds on TV. See how they almost cure you? Then read the end of the commercial disclaimer. Not harm free huh? Can you imagine when they discover that ecstasy causes brain death after ten years? Product recall is too late. Just a toe tag for this one.

DEA-commercial kills two terrorists with one advertisement 10-12-02. This was my suggestion, stolen from Abu Tom. Not even a thank you sucker. Who got my promotion for creative plagiarism?

Picture four terrorists sitting at a table. Their faces not covered surrounded by body guards with faces covered. On the table lies gold tola bars, diamonds, cocaine in bags, marijuana and ecstasy from Canada.

As each one speaks he is identified in subtitled print. Abu Nadali- Hezzbollah, PLO, Lebanon says. We must cover our needle America tracks. The Americans are blocking our funds. We must use gold and diamonds to pay our martyrs. Yasir Fatura, Hamas, Cyprus says it is good that American kids buy drugs. Thank you very much. Everybody laughs. Fahad Ghathi, Al Queda -Iraq holding up a joint says. They love this. We sell these like hot cakes. Thank you American sucker kids for making us strong. Everybody laughs. Sheikh Mahmood-Taliban, Pakistan says soon we open kill Americans’ franchise ecstasy boutiques made in USA. They go wild with laughter. Into the room steps a guy dressed as an American with a suitcase. They speak only Arabic. Ali you are leaving for the USA to sell drugs?

What route are you taking this time? He replies the easy route, the drug route, this trip cocaine, next trip small pox. Everybody laughs. One guy shouts we don’t kill them they kill themselves. Everybody laughs. Ali says in Arabic have to go now. They ask how are you going to get through? They are looking for Arabs? Arab what Arab? My name is Jose. He puts on a baseball cap and says adios amigos. Kill them all Ali. Everybody laughs. He looks back into the room and says. Hey kids got dope? Every body laughs. The reality check says dope is no laughing matter. Did you aid the enemy today?

Color me stupid Cosby is right on the money.

I never watch the welcome to the lowest of the low class shows USA. But last night I was riveted to that girls show what’s her name? They had two gangs on, one white and one black. Man there is trouble right here in River City it starts with B and it rhymes with S and it stands for no brains what so ever. These sesame street dropouts have no excuse to live the miserable lives they have.  Even a rat can get out of a bad neighborhood. I no longer buy the poverty underprivileged cop out. He’s on drug stamps Hates cops but he cops out.

Remember rule number one in survival of the smartest. You are not a victim as long as yuse gots feets. We wear colors. We go to war. We got turf to protect. These guys have to witness a Gideon drive by. Read the bible sucker and live. This loser says my main man makes big coin selling drugs, you know, you know. Then the announcer says if you are an unwed teenager with two kids or more you can be our guest on the shovel the shit show.  Well move over Hollywood I has arrived.

Wrong! Better you were born in a closet and never went out. What was so bad about keeping up with the Jones’ as opposed to drag everybody down wif us? Fool The only turf worth fighting over is the one on the big plate next to the lobster. The only cool to be is a nice beverage to wash down a happy meal. Your version of cool sucks big time. Like morgue slab temperature. You should get the death penalty for not getting an education. You could plead no brains or permanent stupidity.  You got it all wrong Bro. He is street smart. Yeah but he can’t get his welded to the lamppost ass out of town and live the long life.

Here is a true story.

It happened a couple of weeks ago. I call it tough love. A drive by shooting drug related (ain’t they all brother) surf and turf war kills two brothers. Not like brother, brother but more like brother and sister. Don’t call me brother, you got the mark of Cain on your murderin ass. One brother lies dead in the front seat of the car and his brother lies dead on the sidewalk. Their mother arrives on the scene. She does not even look at them. Not a tear in her eye. She asks the cops to give her the car keys. Now that’s the difference between cool and cold. Amen brother bury or burn those suckers right away. Skip the genetic research.

How long do you think you can play colors and live? 

What ever happened to survival of the smartest? Cocaine is pure fool’s gold. Escape baby! Run like the wind, while you got all your body parts intact. Bang on that military recruiters door. Get down on your knees and beg him to throw you a ghetto lifeline. In two years, three years, four years you will go back to the old hood and say, what the hell happened here? If you have loved ones you will be able to rescue them also.

Years ago if you got in trouble with the law. The judge would say you have two choices, military time or jail time. Semper fi my ass your honor I want to do a government drive by in an Abrams tank. There are only three ways out of the horrible hood. Education, military service or feet first. You can have it made. Don’t let your friends keep you down. Set yourself free.

If you can’t do that then at least go to any international airport and look for a guy about your age getting off Pakistani flight number, opportunity USA. You can’t miss him. Everything he owns is on his back. His matched luggage set consists of two cardboard boxes tied with string. He is a home boy too. Only his home has no jobs or food. Follow him to his first job. He will go to a hardware store and buy a broom on credit. He will sweep the hardware store and pay off his debt. Then he will go up and down the street offering to sweep stores for cash. Watch and learn. If you do not wake up and save yourself, one day in the job market you will meet your replacement. It will be that Pakistani guy or his brother, brother. He will press a little button under his big fancy desk in his big money making office and you will bring him his tea. There is no charge for today’s lesson. Run baby run. Plant your roots where you can grow old and enjoy the simple beauties of the buena vida USA. This is a big country with lots of nice neighborhoods who welcome clean cut hard-working family people.

TVG, general audience, Drug rating zero.

Most parents would find this program suitable for all ages. Although this rating does not signify a program designed specifically for children, most parents may let younger children watch this program unattended. It contains little or no violence, no strong language and little or no sexual dialogue or situations.

Especially the politically correct murders of the Rue fn. Morgue. It includes a how to use a hypodermic subliminal dope advertisement. In this plot the heroine does heroin. Today’s role models. If the star does a vein work up and inserts the needle, does that love story change to a training film?

How about some presidential leadership and good example? Wouldn’t you like to be President when you grow up?

Get champagne contributions, drug donations, high infidelity sex on company time and best of all turn the government over to your friends. In my imagination the Clinton’s join the witnesses’ protection program.

In light of the most recent, recent, recent, recent drug money laundering scandal and for the sanity of the nation it is only fitting that the Clinton’s be given new identities and be allowed to hide in the witness’ protection program. 

Some have suggested they be allowed to pose as house servants for Sammy the Bull Gravano or as CEO’S of an ecstasy factory in John McCaine’s drug free Arizona. In order to take the focus off the white house pardons for small time drug pushers on special, the demoncratic money laundering rinse and spin machine has pointed out, that no one is clean. Citing proof that George Washington never chopped down the cherry tree and Thomas Jefferson liked chocolate. What’s wrong with chocolate? Have you never had a sumptuous freezer fresh mallomar?

Being that we are going to rationalize, here is my version. Adolph Hitler was not all-bad. He built the Autobahn. Mussolini made the trains run on time and if Tojo had the atomic bomb first, he never would have used it. Are you ready for the truth? Can you take it like a man?

Mark Rich is chump change. He is only in oil and gold. The big money is in dope, dopey. What Marc Rich (I wonder if he changed his name from Mark Poor after he skipped town with our money) can teach us is that Uncle Sam can be bought. Gone are the last of the honest democrats like Harry Truman (congress had to pass a law so he would not die in poverty, he gave us everything he had). So Mark traded with the enemy and made big bribe bucks. Even the gold deal was kosher getting Mark a recommendation from the Israelis to get one of Bill’s pard ons. So Mark is just another international entrepreneur loyal only to the prevailing currency rate of exchange. Life in America is a form of downward conditioning. Spiraling right along.Starting at the high point of commander in chief date rape to the rationalization of taking presidential/senatorial dope money.

Oh come on grow up Everybody’s doing it. Where have you been? This is just another right wing plot to make the Demoncrats look bad.

You know what else looks bad? A 12-year-old kid on a slab in the morgue. A 13-year-old dead on the toilet with a needle in his arm. That is what I call looking from bad to DEAD. Maybe congress can pass a law that everybody gets his or her drug money back. I remember hearing a story of two cops arguing over a large sum of money taken in a drug raid. One cop wanted no part of taking it. His partner tried to rationalize it by saying it was dirty money not like stealing clean money. Had they taken it and got caught what would their plea have been? Hey The president does it, the senate does it, the FBI, does it, upstate Hassidim sell their votes. We were just playing follow the leader.

Here is a thought from a drug free mind. When Judas tried to return the 30 pieces of silver, the high priest said no. A dirty deal is a dirty deal.

When (my word I had no idea) Hillary’s brother takes the money back to the drug lord, is he going to get the same message? Tell the president and the senator. We don’t want the money back. They owe us now. They work for us, just like the sheriff and everybody else in line. That is why Caesars’ wife must be above suspicion. Was four hundred thousand a down payment, a final payment or a partial payment? How was it supposed to be split up? 200k for each side of the family?

Speaking of families does Vince Foster sleep with the fishes? In my book lawyers

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