Birch the Beginning: A Novel

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Birch the Beginning: A Novel

Автор: George Alexanda

Длина: 276 стр.4 ч


This is a work of considerable imaginative depth,but at the same time, the text abounds with a wealth of perceptively observed detail, which lends to the book a poignant, sometimes quite gritty reality, a dramatic immediacy, which is one of its key strengths. The characters, situations and dialogue are relayed in vivid detail which makes each literary moment seem entirely authentic. As a result, the reader is effortlessly drawn into the fabric of the story, experiencing it as his or her own reality.
The written style of this work is another feature of its success. Without being at all self-conscious, this author has found an individual voice, in which he writes with fluency and expressiveness. His style is extremely versatile: at times it is terse and economical, at others it becomes descriptive and quite elegant. Similar in style to some of the great writers, this author creates a world of mystery and intrigue, and often embellishes a sense of humour too.

I was delighted to read George Alexanda's enthralling fantasy, Birch - The Beginning; what we have here is a good, solid novel with substance and scope to it, a richly textured piece of writing that very skilfully manages to be at once, incisive, tense, thought provoking and highly entertaining.
The plot is an accomplished device in itself, patiently built, and sparingly meted out with an eye on the necessities of pace, climax and anti-climax. As a result, this story has a plot with considerable substance and texture: the reader's interest is aroused on the opening pages, and the work remains atmospheric until its conclusion.

Ann Austin

This book has been re published in the uk by a far better publishing agent who actually cares