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A Mental Health Story: Negative to Positive

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A Mental Health Story: Negative to Positive

Автор: Mark Williams

Длина: 147 стр.2 ч


A Mental Health Story : Negative to Positive, tells the story of Mark Williams
founder of fathers reaching out. After watching his wife go through post
natal depression, and then having depression himself six years later
founded fathers reaching out. It was after a low point sitting in a car,that he lost
his fear about failing. Mark tells the story being a son of a coal miner and having
people who believed in him, and also people who were negative. After telling his
honest story, he went on to be awarded inspirational father of the year, and local
hero at the Pride of Britain Awards.

Mark tells how being a positive infl uence in someones life can put them on the right
path, whatever their talents. He also tells how anyone can take a positive out of
negative and can help with their recovery. After working in high pressured jobs,
he has realised that money is not the most important. After having counselling and
keeping his health in check, realises that he will also have to look after his mental
wellbeing for him and his family.

His new life is even more exciting now, since going through depression. He is a
freelance writer public speaker and has spoken on many radio stations. He has
appeared on television and has now set his own company doing what he want to
do helping people. If there on think you will learn from this book, and thats anyone
can turn a positive out of a negative.