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Parental Rites

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Parental Rites

Автор: Lawrence Kalkstein

Длина: 135 стр.1 ч


Everyone can relate to the hypocrisy or unfair dispensation of justice in our legal system, especially our court system. We often look at the judiciary as the backbone of our legal system assuming it will be fair and honest. Yet Justice Is Blind can quickly become Justice Acting Blindly. When justice is so callous not to maximize compassion and love for a child we can understand why America has a complete moral breakdown. Often people, mistakenly, refer to those in government as the leaders.

Parental Rites is merely one grandfathers thoughts who is trying to come to grasp with the hatred that emanates from the court system and why the system cant be bothered to try and mend family wounds rather than rubbing salt in them.

Perhaps the story you are about to read can enlighten others; or perhaps it can help others choose reconciliation over hatred then maybe there is hope for our society. A childhood is too sweet, and too short, to spend battling in court or to carry animosity in ones daily endeavors. We often are told the Judeo-Christian Society is that of compassion and reconciliation. Yet there are those so subsumed in anger and hatred that they merely preach those words on a Sunday but forget them on Monday.

So ignore the actual names in this story or interpose your own names of people you know or have heard of that have affected you or your loved ones in a parallel manner, and perhaps you can become a leader in a childs life. We certainly cannot let a judge, or the law guardian for any child, who is more eager to play golf, or get to lunch, than dispense justice be a leader in that childs life.